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5 Best Website Builder Software for Mac


There has been a heated debate over what platform is better, is it the lightning fast processing of MacOS-based machines or Windows PC that win the battle royale? If you own a MacOS-based machine, you’d already know that despite having some brilliant features, Mac lags behind in many regards. One such drawback is building websites with software.

Even though Mac provides inbuilt software for HTML coding and tools for website building, they are not convenient enough. So should you give up on finding the bestwebsite builder for Mac? Not really! It’s time to shift to SaaS (Software as a Service ) and cloud-based Mac website builder tools. Now, you can use the theme and template-based software to create a professional looking webpage without a single line of code.

So, we went to the users of Mac-based machines and asked them a million questions regarding the best website builder for Mac, who’d know better than the user themselves. After evaluating hundreds of software, we present you the 5 best website builder software for Mac.

Online Website Builder Software for Mac


Chances are that you’ve already read or heard about Wix, such massive is the repute of this software in today’s website building and rightfully so. No list would ever be complete without this globally well-rated software that has a score of 9.8 over 10 ratings for its ease of use and out of box functionality. Mac users can use Wix seamlessly on Safari 11 and higher versions.

Wix is probably the best website builder software that you can have today. Not only does the website have a plethora of 500+ different templates but has dozens of plug-ins and powerful apps that can embellish the overall appeal of your webpage. Professional and stylish websites are now possible due to Wix’s interface. For Mac users, Wix offers a dedicated support page to solve common Safari browser related issues, and you can even raise a ticket to get your problem solved. Also, because there’s a superb Wix iOS app, Apple devices owners have another reason to use this builder.

The simple drag and drop feature makes it easy to use even for beginners. The effective SEO tools make the webpage appear at the top of the Google search result page. All these features and hundreds other for a nominal cost per month. There is a free trial available for you to get the hang of things and then decide.


Innovative and impressive are the best words to describe what Jimdo is able to do to webpages. With a customer rating of 8.7 over 10, Jimdo is an impressive website building tool that uses advanced SEO tools and AI-integrated feature. The AI-based web-designer creates your website in merely three minutes in three simple steps.

Choose from the four broad categories of templates – Business, Online Store, Personal and Commercial and you’re ready to begin. Once you’ve milked the tools on the website, it becomes a cake-walk to create a content-rich website with the amazing widgets. Like Wix, Jimdo also runs seamleslly on Safari, making it a superb pick for Mac users.

Jimdo is also the best website builder for new photographers and videographers with its enthralling gallery feature to create a portfolio. The plans range from free trials to premium plans. We recommend its professional plans that give you most of the features for an effective cost.


GoDaddy has a community of nearly 17.5 million users worldwide that are not accredited to the high marketing budget but the ease of creating a website with its simple yet interactive drag and drop system. GoDaddy has 24/7 customer support and a range of FAQs that will answer all of the queries of the users.

In order to stay competitive, GoDaddy has invested a fortune in new features and templates that have won it many accolades. Even though it has an extensive range of templates which are divided into 8 different categories, GoDaddy has some amazing widgets for both beginners and professionals. The website builder works seamlessly on Safari browser.

You can avail a one-time free 30 day trial on signing up. The plans are cost-effective as well. GoDaddy is probably the best choice when your budget is stretched thin and you’re looking to create a website fast.

Offline Website Builder Software for Mac


Surprise, surprise! Apple’s very own website builder iWeb may be obsolete for many, but the version is packed with new and exciting features like drag-and-drop and automatic guides. Even though most professionals would not like to use iWeb, it is still quite a handy tool for people looking to create quick and simple websites.

The features are also extended to a simple, yet effective MobileMe web hosting. The template-based website builder for Mac, lets users create a beautiful and elegant website or blogs with images, videos, and texts. The 9 widgets that are a part of the original iWeb 3 lets the user add RSS feeds, embed YouTube and Google Maps.

Although the software is not developed after 2011, the simplicity of iWeb and its ability to be embedded with other iLife tools is best for absolute beginners. The MobileMe web hosting can be transferred to a separate host which extends the support further. This is the best software for Mac website building developed by Apple.


EverWeb is a downloadable tool for building a website that is specifically ideal for Apple devices. The range of advanced functionalities makes it a killer offline website builder for Mac. SEO tools like Domainer, SERank, and tools for newsletters like MailShoot can be embedded to provide you an all-in-one software for building your dream website.

The simple and easy to use drag and drop technique can be used to build a website, or if you’re a coding wizard, you can code to make the website customized. EverWeb lets you get the best of both worlds. Hence, if you’re a coding genius or someone who doesn’t know the first alphabet of coding, you can still use EverWeb.

Ready-made website feature allows the user to kickstart their website within minutes. One-click publishing links Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps and YouTube onto the webpage by just one simple click.

Which One to Use?

If you’re really looking for a professional and elegant website, we recommend Wix for online webpage designing and iWeb for simple and quick webpages. However, surprisingly, most of the users have found the AI-integrated feature of Jimdo to be highly effective and we don’t see any reason why it won’t work marvelously for your webpage designing as well.

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