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5 Amazing Google Ads Tools You Need to Use


If you are going to be using Google Ads for your website, then you need to know what tools you are going to want to use to get the most of them. There are so many tools that you can use that are like the ones that the best seo agency experts also use, including Ad Variations, Audience Observation and much more. Keep reading on to find out more about some of the amazing tools that you can access and use to make your website better.

Google Tools You Need to Use

Everyone knows that Google has plenty of tools that anyone can use to see information, but here are 5 of the top ones the top seo agency would put to use for your advertisement campaign, including:

1. Ad Variations

A lot of the people doing PPC will make sure that you know that testing your ad is one of the top practices you can do to get the top performances possible. Testing used to be annoying before more tools were created, including the Ad Variations from Google, which is found in your Drafts and Experiments section, which allows you to create different variations of your current ad faster.

2. Audience Observation

For the longest time Google would often lose out against Facebook when the advertisers would start to think about reaching their users based on various demographics. However, this new tool is helping to close up these gaps faster and quicker. You can add a huge list of audiences that are defined by Google that will help you in order to observe any performance in relation to another.

3. Responsive Search Advertisements

This is also called RSAs and they are another way to save time in testing your ads. This tool can help you to mix and match the distinct and separate ads so that they can be merged to create one cohesive advertisement and you can see the information after these are livs. This allows you to check out the individual results and asset stats easily. It also gives you some insights regarding the verbiage that users would respond to and lets you test various combinations faster than manually making each version required.

4. Discovery Campaigns

These are ad units that are visually rich and that show information based on the activity of the users. These are different in both how they are targeted as well as in the format since they are display-like when it comes to rendering when the user sees it while combining the headline and imagery. There are plenty of exclusion options that you can use to help with the safety of your brand, including keeping your advertiser content away from profanity and violence.

5. Explanations Feature

If you are a PPC manager, then you have surely experienced a sudden and unexpected change in the performance of the ads. It could be hard to figure out where the changes were made and why they were made, but this tool helps you. This is currently in the beta stage, but it gives insights into the search campaigns along with why the performance could have changed. The data can be looked at and analysed for various things like conversions, costs, clicks and impressions within a 90 day span so you can see what is changing and when the changes started.

These are just a few of the top tools that you can use when it comes to using Google Ads. The more tools you are using, then the easier everything will be and the faster you can reach your target audience. Make sure to use these if you want to have the ideal results and to ensure that you are making the most out of the money that you are spending on advertising using Google.

If you are going to be working with one of the best SEO service providers that is available you need to make sure that you know some of the tools they could be using. If you are going to be implementing Google AdWords or other advertisement methods with Google, then you must know these tools. They can help you with figuring out where changes have been made or where they should be made for percentage and much more.

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