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4 Ways Wearable Tech Can Change The World We Live In


There’s no stopping the ever growing popularity of wearable tech and they will be more in demand in the years to come. And so, developers and manufacturers continue to search for better and innovative ways to incorporate them in our lives. A great example would be the Apple Watch and how it lets the user access most of the iPhone’s features without using their hands. But there more ways that wearable tech can help change the world.

  • Helping People Save Up on Health Insurance

Insurance rates typically increase every year due to numerous factors, but what if people are given the opportunity to affect the rate that you pay and give you a reward for exercising as well? Tons of wearable technology like Fitbit is under the radar of insurance industries and even established employers for their potential to lower all the healthcare-related expenses. Wearable tech under this category is still young, but they still have the ability to affect insurance premiums; it’s just a matter of time before we discover if it a positive or negative effect and thus affects the way you take care of your health.

  • Remote Health Monitoring

Those of us who are obsesses with fitness have looked into Fitbit in order to track all their workouts. On the other hand, what about people suffering serious health issues that constantly need to be monitored? There are wearable techs that companies are investing on the development of remote health monitoring solutions; if things go well, then the device will help staff reduce time and money spent on in-person monitoring. A great example would be Biotricity’s Mobile Cardiac Telemetry units, which can be available for both hospitals and individuals. The device can be used in monitoring respiration alongside heart rhythms. Not only that, but it can assist physicians when diagnosing certain medical conditions involving cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases. So bottom, patients can receive faster diagnosis and are given the opportunity to watch over their condition through wearable tech.

  • Reduce Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

On a daily basis, people get into accidents involving vehicles regardless of where they are. Majority of these accidents could be linked to the usage of mobile phones while driving. As you may have noticed, the Apple Watch has contributed to the prevention of such accidents by making it all that easier to answer important calls through a hands-free process and conversation. In the near future, we’re looking at wearable tech with expanded capabilities; maybe something that can start and end calls without necessarily taking your eye off the road even if the phone itself isn’t near.

  • Improved Safety in the Workplace

Workplaces, no matter the category, have claimed the lives of people for years and the records wouldn’t have reached astounding digits if safety was prioritized. Regarding this issue, wearable tech offers a lot of potential applications; uses can range from offering the workers the chance to actually test the equipment in a simpler and easy way to monitoring noticeable increase in stress and anxiety levels of numerous employees. Wearable tech in this category can also be given to employees undergoing crucial training, to help them access life-saving information during related events and crisis. Even now, developers and manufacturers are paving their way towards groundbreaking new wearable tech. There will come a time where all these incredibly life changing wearable tech will become as common as phones and TVs. There’s no telling what they can come up with next, one more amazing than the other; with the rate that they’re going, we’ll have better technology in the near future.

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  • 4 Ways Wearable Tech Can Change The World We Live In

    There’s no stopping the ever growing popularity of wearable tech and they will be more in …
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