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4 Android Apps That Can Change Your Life

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If you think that you know all the famous, practical and useful Android apps out there then you might just be surprised at our list. We’re here to recommend a number of lesser known Android apps available that can ultimately change your life; go on ahead and give them a try.

  • RunPee

We’re sure that you’ve experienced going to the cinemas and enjoying a film when suddenly, nature calls. Now it’s not that simple to just go and do your business, what if you miss out on the most epic scene or plot twist on the entire show? A perfect solution has arrived in the form of an Android App called RunPee, it allows the user to choose a title of a movie and see scenes which are ‘skippable’. You’ll know when to run and go to the bathroom or grab an additional snack without missing out. Don’t worry, its spoiler free, you’ll be alerted through notification and information regarding the film you choose is quite general. Take note that the database is updated whenever a new film is released so you might not be able to use it if you watch movies during their debut; give it a day or two.

  • Wakie

There are moments in our life when we just want somebody to talk to but no one seems to be available or we want unbiased opinions and advice but don’t know where to turn to; in general maybe we just want to have a quick chat with complete strangers. Wakie is a simple and easy Android app that lets you find a person to talk to regarding just about anything under the sun. Simply pose a question, state a time and a random stranger from the Wakie community will call you during the stated time; the person you can talk to can come from literally anywhere in the world.

  • Tab

Going out with friends to catch up and have a bite to eat can be fun from time to time, that is until confusion starts when it’s time to split the bill as well as all the expenses; who ordered what? Will the bill be split evenly? How about the tip? Well, that won’t be an issue anymore with the help of Tab. Tabs in an Android app that will require you to take a picture of the overall bill and categorize everything ordered by your group. It would be better if a lot of people in your group also has tab, that way the categorizing can be done individually and Tab can just simple sync everyone’s list. Overall, the tip and tax are proportionally split based on the total amount the person spent. It’s that easy, the only con is that Tab is currently only available in the US.

  • SafeTrek

Those that travel a lot or walk around in areas that make you question your own safety, should look into SafeTrek. A simple Android App that will put your mind at ease, in case you’re kidnapped or seriously threatened, police will be notified and dispatched regardless if you can dial the emergency number or not. So here’s how it goes, if you feel that the area you’re walking in is unsafe, just hold down the ‘SafeTrek button’; it’s the button displayed on your screen when you open the App. Once the feeling of danger has passed, let go of the button and enter a 4 digit PIN that only you know and you’re good to go. But if you fail to enter the PIN after letting go of the button, then your local police will be notified.

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