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10 Unique Ideas To Supercharge Your Podcast Today


Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the hustle of daily life has no sign of slowing down. Instead, we’ve simply found new and productive ways to learn, work and live productively, mostly centred around the online world.

With many of us multitasking at work, podcasts have become a massive hit with their time-efficient, easy-to-consume, on-demand technologies. In fact, Podcast Insight mentions that as recently as October 2020, there have been over 34 million episodes recorded worldwide. 

Promoting your podcast will take it to the next level, leading to benefits like increased website traffic, variation of content ensuring there will be one that suits your audience and increased search saturation to compliment current search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Start by developing a unique point of view, posting consistently to build trust. Your efforts will be rewarded. In fact, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute shares that most listeners are loyal, affluent and educated with over 80% tuning into the entire episode.

Just in case you are stuck on where to start, here are some interesting findings that will help your podcast shoot off to stardom, right from the get-go.

Create Quote Images

A powerful moment in your podcast can easily be transferred into a beautifully-designed quote on Instagram. When the ball starts to roll and banter becomes fluid, magic can happen. Overlay a memorable quote over an image using a graphic design platform like PosterMyWall offers 145,000+ templates to choose from, to easily swap in and out your branding colors and fonts. It has never been easier to make a beautiful image, without prior graphic design experience.

Another fun and innovative idea is to convert small snippets of audio and overlay them over a text image using Waave. No matter which technique you choose, quotes add an extra layer of interest and excitement to hype up a podcast. 

If constructed well enough, they’ll drive that extra bit of traffic that you need to increase popularity!

Insert Link in your Instagram Bio

This might seem simple enough, but oftentimes the most simple things get overlooked. We’re here to remind you of the importance of sharing your link in as many places as possible to promote your podcast. Every time a new episode is released, be sure to update it directly on your bio. This is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Use a tool like Linktree to link more with just one link. 

Video is Still King 

According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses have recently used videos as a marketing tool and this number continues to increase, year after year. Video has the ability to convey the meaning behind the message in just a few seconds, accomplished best through the audio-visual connection. 

Consider turning small snippets of your podcast into video and sharing on social media. This can easily be accomplished using a platform like Waave, where larger audio clips can be spliced shorter and transitioned into an animated video. Or keep them the length ‘as is’ and simply add in a visual component. Comedian, actor and TV host Joe Rogan does an exceptional job of creating an integrated experience on his YouTube, where there are over a million views per clip. Try it yourself!

Leverage Your Guests Audience

When choosing your guests, look at their audience and influence across their industry. Start with social media engagement. We would recommend opting for guests with a large and loyal following, but there is actually such a thing as ‘too big.’ Did you know that microinfluencers are known to achieve more engagement and clicks than their larger counterparts?

Create an arrangement between you and your guest before they appear on the episode. If you are promoting your guest to your established audience of loyal followers, it should be mutual. Encourage them to share the link to your podcast in their bio using free link tool Linktree, spotlight to their email list or create an Instagram Story or IGTV post that tells their followers to check out the ep. 

Cross-promotion is ultra-effective here. Not to mention, sometimes guests might be so busy with promotion they might forget. With that said, a little effort goes a long way when you make this request early.

Create a Unique Hashtag

Hashtags are a no brainer – they significantly increase engagement and brand awareness. Think about creating your own hashtag that helps your audience identify your content. Don’t forget to encourage the guests you interview to use your hashtag to promote the podcast before and after the episode.

Generate Excitement

Similar to creating a content calendar in advance for social media, we would recommend devising a podcast strategy. Clearvoice has an excellent step-by-step guide to get started, from the early idea stages to execution. Early promotion is important – so brainstorm episode ideas, validate content by reviewing the similar episodes that are out there and their feedback and start generating storyboard ideas. When you have something extra special coming up, don’t forget to start promoting early. Creating a little hype in advance will have great returns when it comes to engagement.

Turn Podcasts into YouTube Videos

While podcasts have a captivated audience, long-form video is still favored on social media. The way we see it – put your stuff anywhere your audience will see it. YouTube is one of the largest repositories of content and biggest search engines on the web. Since people listen to more audio on the platform than anywhere else. Choose a related background image and convert long-form audio files, similar to an audiograph. We’d suggest using Headliner here!

Repurpose Content

Allow creativity to soar when it comes to repurposing content. Each content takes a lot of planning – it would be a waste not to take advantage of your efforts with new content that refreshes the topic, over and over again.

Some ideas we like include:

  • Transcribing your most popular podcasts into blog post interviews
  • Creating an amalgamation of information into infographics
  • Providing descriptive case studies
  • Developing an eBook with content from key takeaways of various episodes
  • Devising social media captions that tell a story

The main idea is that you are spreading the word about your podcast on as many platforms as possible.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

According to Pod Insights, aiming for a 1% conversion rate is a good benchmark when promoting an upcoming episode. Many podcasters do not advertise their efforts, a missed opportunity when looking to increase brand awareness. Social media is the place to get this done.

The platforms that you advertise can vary depending on where your audience exists. Consider one or two social media platforms and create unique posts for each one. We would recommend considering where you have a larger reach and allocate your advertising budget accordingly. 

And just in case you don’t know where your audience frequents, this helpful fact sheet from Pew Research Centre will be useful.

Optimize Keywords

The right keywords will help you stand out in an industry that is still not overly saturated. Since 2019, podcasts have shown up on Google. Truly think about content structure and the flow of questions can incite higher SEO. What keywords are used often by competitors? Integrate them into copy, but don’t overdo it. The same white-hat SEO applies here, too.


In order to supercharge your efforts, cover your bases with a mix of methods. To recap:

  1. Cross-post on social media, allowing you to generate more content from less. This is super helpful in generating buzz around your podcast. 
  2. Create quote posts that offer a sneak peek or highlight high energy moments in your podcast. 
  3. Create and use a unique hashtag to encourage discussion around your podcast on platforms like Twitter. 

Whether you integrate one or all of our recommendations, we hope you’ve found some insightful ideas to supercharge your podcast today. Now get on recording!

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