6 Ways To Get Your Sales Team To Sell More

As the owner or manager of a business, your role involves making certain that the sales department do their best to increase sales. Of course it’s their main job to see to it, but offering your own ideas won’t hurt anyone. Here are 6 ways and strategies that your sales team can do to boost those numbers.

  • Effective Upselling

If your business is not at all into any kind of upsells, then you’re wasting a golden opportunity to earn higher sales. Think about it, how many times have you upgraded your drink or ordered extra fries because you were offered at the counter? It’s easier to close additional sales when the customer is at a mood to buy.

  • Create a Product with High Demand

Well, this is quite obvious. Come up with a product that you know the market would need and want. Let’s say that the product you have in mind already exists in the market, it still wouldn’t be a problem. Offer your version of the product with its own uniqueness; other companies may offer the same product, but they won’t be able to offer what you can. In a market with similar products, the one with the best benefits will stand out and sell more.

  • Offer Free Samples

In more than one occasion, giving out free samples of your product when possible can increase the sales exponentially. Let’s say that you sell your own books, offer the initial two chapters for free so your clients have an idea of the book. If you sell other products aside from books, offer sample packets for potential customers, they’ll appreciate it. For companies offering services, the best you can offer is a free initial consultation. After a potential customer gets a sample of the product and like it, then they’ll use the product or service even more. Samples lead to quicker sales because they’ve already begun trusting the product.

  • Regularly Test Products

It’s always a good idea to test out products even by batches; the same goes for services. Go through ad copies, the entire structure of the website, numerous promotions going around as well as price points. You’d have a good idea as to how sales can increase after regular testing. Web-based businesses should look to conversion optimization techniques when discovering ways to make sales.

  • Offer After Sales Services and Support

An area where a lot of businesses fail in is when they need to offer services after the sail itself. Tons of efforts go into marketing and sale and there’s no news from the customer support team when you need them. Many businesses might not pay attention to this and focus on sales, but it’s all intertwined; only satisfied customers purchase repeatedly and offer referrals.

  • Price is Key

Regardless if you have a product that people absolutely need, if the price is too high to the point of unreasonable then there’s a small chance that people would buy it; if your competitor offers it at a lower price then say good bye to an amazing sale. In order to find the best price point, do some research and understand the prices of your biggest competitors and from here think of a strategy either you lower your price or maintain the prices but add a lot more features. In case you want your products to be sold at high prices, make sure they have quality that can justify the prices; it’s common belief that if something is worth more than it has better quality than the rest.

4 Android Apps That Can Change Your Life

If you think that you know all the famous, practical and useful Android apps out there then you might just be surprised at our list. We’re here to recommend a number of lesser known Android apps available that can ultimately change your life; go on ahead and give them a try.

  • RunPee

We’re sure that you’ve experienced going to the cinemas and enjoying a film when suddenly, nature calls. Now it’s not that simple to just go and do your business, what if you miss out on the most epic scene or plot twist on the entire show? A perfect solution has arrived in the form of an Android App called RunPee, it allows the user to choose a title of a movie and see scenes which are ‘skippable’. You’ll know when to run and go to the bathroom or grab an additional snack without missing out. Don’t worry, its spoiler free, you’ll be alerted through notification and information regarding the film you choose is quite general. Take note that the database is updated whenever a new film is released so you might not be able to use it if you watch movies during their debut; give it a day or two.

  • Wakie

There are moments in our life when we just want somebody to talk to but no one seems to be available or we want unbiased opinions and advice but don’t know where to turn to; in general maybe we just want to have a quick chat with complete strangers. Wakie is a simple and easy Android app that lets you find a person to talk to regarding just about anything under the sun. Simply pose a question, state a time and a random stranger from the Wakie community will call you during the stated time; the person you can talk to can come from literally anywhere in the world.

  • Tab

Going out with friends to catch up and have a bite to eat can be fun from time to time, that is until confusion starts when it’s time to split the bill as well as all the expenses; who ordered what? Will the bill be split evenly? How about the tip? Well, that won’t be an issue anymore with the help of Tab. Tabs in an Android app that will require you to take a picture of the overall bill and categorize everything ordered by your group. It would be better if a lot of people in your group also has tab, that way the categorizing can be done individually and Tab can just simple sync everyone’s list. Overall, the tip and tax are proportionally split based on the total amount the person spent. It’s that easy, the only con is that Tab is currently only available in the US.

  • SafeTrek

Those that travel a lot or walk around in areas that make you question your own safety, should look into SafeTrek. A simple Android App that will put your mind at ease, in case you’re kidnapped or seriously threatened, police will be notified and dispatched regardless if you can dial the emergency number or not. So here’s how it goes, if you feel that the area you’re walking in is unsafe, just hold down the ‘SafeTrek button’; it’s the button displayed on your screen when you open the App. Once the feeling of danger has passed, let go of the button and enter a 4 digit PIN that only you know and you’re good to go. But if you fail to enter the PIN after letting go of the button, then your local police will be notified.

Iphones And Ipads Through The Years

It’s quite surprising how a small device like an iPhone or an iPad managed to change our lives and make tasks easier to do. As we speak, Apple continuous to upgrade and enhance every part of their product, but let’s take a walk down memory lane and see just how much iPhones and iPads have changed.


  • iPhone 1 (first generation) – back in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone as a 3-in-1 device; touch screen iPod, mobile web browser and amazing mobile phone. Now, we take these features for granted, but they were revolutionary during their time. At the time, third-party app can’t be installed on the OS.
  • iPhone 3G (second generation) – fast connectivity was the thing back in 2008, and so that second generation iPhone included 3G alongside a thinner shape, back casing made of plastic and much needed support of the launch of the App Store.

  • iPhone 3GS (third generation) – the upgrade for the latest iPhone at the time was disappointingly minimal, but the upgrades were still considerably advanced; quicker functions, enhanced camera, more storage options as well as the beginning of the voice control.
  • iPhone 4 (fourth generation) – a serious step up from all the previous models, the iPhone 4 features an entirely new and flat design, higher resolution display and a 5MP camers.
  • iPhone 4S (fifth generation) – the first of the ‘S’ tag, the iPhone 4S offers only minor upgrades like the graphics and the camera quality.
  • iPhone 5 (sixth generation) – finally, Apple decided to widen the screen size and aspect ratio, the iPhone 5 is also lighter than the previous models.
  • iPhone 5S/5C (seventh generation) – the iPhone 5C was a slightly more affordable, plastic-backed version in order to compete with Andoid in the middle market. The improvement of the iPhone 5S was the fingerprint reader, camera and battery.

  • iPhone 6/6 Plus (eight generation) – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offered some of the most advanced changed since the iPhone 4S. The most noticeable is the screen size; from 4 inches to 4.7 inches.
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus (ninth generation) – all the major features are the same but you might notice the new and attractive colors; gold, space grey and rose gold.
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus (tenth generation) – the most obvious change would be the removal of the headphone jack.


  • iPad – the first ever iPad contains tons of the features of the our regular iPhone but with 256MB of RAM.
  • iPad 2 – the second generation of the iPad became incredibly thinner and featured back and front cameras.
  • iPad3 – the third installment in the series featured a brand new ‘Retina’ display alongside a quad-core graphic processor.

  • iPad Mini – the iPad Mini is the ultra light and thin version of the iPad, almost everything is the same with the bigger versions but the iPad Mini is obviously a lot easier to take anywhere.
  • iPad 4 – the iPad 4’s faster A6X processors as well as the graphics power is the new feature of the said model; also, it’s heavier when held with one hand.
  • iPad Mini 2 – because of the Retina display of the iPad Mini 2, it offers a high-resolution and a better A7 processor. The icing on the cake is the enhanced LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the battery life; a lot of reviews said that the features are even better than that of the original iPad Mini.
  • iPad Air – a 40% lighter and 20% thinner version of the iPad, the iPad Air provides upgraded performance while maintaining a long battery life.
  • iPad 3 Mini – when talking about upgrades, the ones offered by the iPad Mini 3’ are quite minimal. But the display as well as the battery life is good as can be and the device even added the Touch ID.

  • iPad Air 2 –the iPad Air 2 had an upgraded A8X processor, improved back and front camera as well as a thinner and lighter build compared to the earlier versions.
  • iPad Pro – some of the best features of the iPad Pro include an 8 megapixel back camera, 1.2 megapixel front camera, a bigger screen and an A9x 2.26GHz dual-core processor.