4 Conversion-Boosting Trends For UX And Web Design

Amidst all of the technological advances we see on a day-to-day basis, we might tend to forget the ultimate purpose for all of this, which is to make our own lives much easier, by making various transactions and activities one which is more convenient and easy for the average user. This is greatly embodied in UX trends       , which, in a nutshell, simply means the process of making technological innovations in terms of product design to satisfy the client end. With UX, satisfaction of users are increased through the improvement of accessibility, usability, and pleasure that is involved with the use of the product.

With UX, gone are the days where mounting frustration is felt with anything that’s associated with technology. UX goes beyond UI design, in a sense that it is more concerned with how the end users would feel with the interaction, rather than how the interface for interaction would look like. UX is something that also applies with web design. Given that more and more people are connected to the internet on a daily basis, what are the trends for both Web Design and UK that are worth looking forward to, especially in terms of conversion of leads to sales. What are these? Below are some of the ways on how.

Integration of Skeleton Screens

The most common clamor among people in terms of internet connectivity would definitely be for it to have faster speeds. This is characterized by the time it takes in order for a single web page to download all of the elements. The faster it is, then, presumably, the faster the internet connection.

It is, however, more important to note that this isn’t always the case. With that said, there are other aspects that may influence how your interface would load, which you could tweak in such a way that it comes across as much faster than it actually is. These are skeleton screens. The reason why they convert is that they make your connection appear faster by loading the elements little by little, rather than all at once. This is how Skeleton screens work. The reality is, a lot of people may simply shut down a page if it’s loading too slow. A skeleton screen helps conversions by lowering bounce rates.

Marketing of Shopping Carts

If you’re famiiar with Amazon, one of the good things that it features, and is something that’s worth emulating is the existence of Shopping Cart Marketing. This is a UX trend that would help other products or upsells to be promoted as well. Studies have shown that the revenue associated with the use of these gets an increase of 10 to 30%. Make it a point to offer a batch of products that have something to do with the product they sell.

In real-world marketing, this could be similar to what salesmen or women usually do, which is to recommend a product of similar nature, or something that would be compatible with its use with hopes of customers getting persuaded with their sales talk.

Hero Images that are Cinemagraphic in Nature

While images in itself are strong ways of marketing any product, one of the means in order for you to take that to the next level is through making use of Cinemagraphs. The reason why it converts is due to the fact that subtle, steady actions are captivating, and thus grabs the attention of those who get to see it. A lot of observations have found out that the subtle movements of these pictures, albeit constant, is enough to make people take notice and in a way, be more persuaded to make the purchase.

As a testament to this, there has been a study that showed that Cinemagraphic ads are preferred and chosen by 60% higher compared to ads which are static in nature. The reason behind this is simply because it’s seen as a breath of fresh air in an interface that is primarily composed of text and static images.

Bidding Goodbye to the Homepage

One of the most familiar elements, and probably even considered an indispensable part of any website would have to be the homepage. In this year, and in the years to come, however, it is touted to begin to lack in terms of relevance already. The reason why this is an important UX trend is that a lot of users may not be accustomed to this one. The removal of the Homepage could be attributed to the fact that landing pages are of greater relevance to marketing in the realm of conversion, as you could make use of specific groups for age demographics, metrics, among others.

Make it a point to step the UX up a notch, and be able to convert to a single page interface to make sure that limited navigation is needed for conversion to ensue.

5 Predictions For IOT In 2017

The IOT, or the Internet of Things is touted as a great way to facilitate collection and exchanging of data among industries. This is because it’s an inter-networking among vehicles, physical devices, buildings, among others which are embedded with materials that enable exchange or collection of data among these things. The embedded items may range from software, electronics, actuators, network connectivity, among others.

WIthout a doubt, this has become a huge phenomenon in various industries, with a recent survey saying as much as 85% of these companies amass revenue from these IoT solution. With that said, what are the trends we may see this year? Here are some of our bold IOT predictions.

Data Analysis Gets the Focus

One of the changes that we have seen in terms of behaviour among business is the desire for them to easily connect across various devices, wanting the ones they use to be “smart”, going beyond mere data collection, but also having the ability to analyze things as well.

One of the testaments to this is the IBM Watson Analytics and Microsoft Stream that is poised to take a lead role for IoT solutions, where data that’s collected gets analyzed in real-time for optimal functionality and intelligence of the business. Under this focus, gone would be the days when collection and analysis were separate phases in an industry. This is touted to save both time and money among business owners, especially those which make extensive use of data analysis in their operations.

More “Smart” Cities

One of the most practical applications for IOT would have to be in cities, where it is predicted that these, in general would be much smarter than they actually are. With that said, in the US alone, they would be investing in programs for smart city technologies to pave way for services for new mobility.

The government is keen on the funding, where investments of $65 million for this technology would be implemented. With that said, there would be a lot of innovations in terms of various city events, from determining traffic congestion, introduction of mobility services, as well as systems for energy efficiency among cities. Progress for this, however, would be gradual in nature, with innovations to begin in terms of small trials to full-scale, smart city ones.

Telecommunication Companies to put more Emphasis on IOT

Telecommunications is where a lot of IOT advances could be expected to be observed. As a matter of fact, telecommunications company Verizon has made giant investments for ThingSpace, its very own IOT platform, as evidenced by the fleet and mobile acquisition of more than $2 billion, plus an acquiring smart LED providers.

Other telecommunication companies are also expected to follow this, as this would allow IOTs to make businesses much faster, primarily through acquisitions of various elements. Predictably, communication platforms would be made much sturdier, and we may be introduced to other, more modern and convenient methods and platforms of communication.

Increase of Security Breaches

Desspite the fact that it is something that’s not really desired, one of the aspects associated with IOT is questions regarding its security. With that said, Hackers may end up overwhelming certain DNS servers for sites, such as Netflix and Twitter. These attacks have indeed, shed light on the risks associated with security of these networks, as well as their vulnerability. Several devices may be connected to the IOT industry and could face several scares.

With this, it could be feared that IoT attacks would turn out to be a regular occurence, as well as increase in steps to ensure IOT security.

Increase of IOT Adoption and Understanding

This is the last, yet most obvious forecast with regards to the future of the IOT. People back then have been met with confusion regarding how this may be used in various industries, but with more research as well as acquisitions in this field, it is expected that more business plans would be integrated with this technology.

IOT software and hardware sales are expected to see a surge, as well as inquiries and job openings for sales, installation, maintenance, network designing and infrastructure, and the like.

How Do You Properly Manage Your Employees? Here Are Some Tools That May Help

Proper management of the workforce is something that business need in order for them to be sustained. With that said, this has a crucial impact on the fate of the business in terms of its productivity. Mismanagement of the employees in a business could lead to its downfall, while a lot of businesses have become the massive success that they are, thanks to proper management.

While there are several tips and practical advise you could most definitely utilize, in terms of your attitude to your work and the like, a modern means of managing your employees would be to make use of the mobile route. With that said, there are already several apps which you could make use of for WorkForce Management 1000. Some of these tools you may have to pay for, while some of these could be obtained for free. What exactly are these software and tools that we’re talking about? Below are some of the best ones which we recommend in order to bring out the best in your business.

When I Work

One of the most important aspects for business management is scheduling. With that said, you may want to avail of an app which allows you to do so. When I Work is one of these apps. This is a scheduling program that is cloud-based, and makes scheduling of employees a lot less stressful. This is because through this app, employees may never have to time in again, as they are given updates instantly for scheduling, so that they would not have to check whenever they work. Approvals for time-off could also be received and acted on right after requesting. This eventually results to better employee communication, boosting of accountability, and of course, their scheduling.

The key features include employee time clock, mobile scheduling, and of course, punching in or out via a mobile. It doesn’t cost a thing if you manage 100 employees or less, and you would have to contact them to get a quotation for employees more than the said number.


Apart from scheduling employees, another important aspect of management includes making sure that the staff or employees of your business are doing their absolute best in their work. Reviewsnap makes this possible. In a nutshell, this is one of the best leading performance management solutions which is used primarily for staff development. They do this by giving employees a comprehensive look at their performance evaluations, compensation, and feedback.

This app is inclusive of an Automated annual review, an intuitive user interface, templates, language compliance, performance tracking, and templates. It is complete with learning content as well as a 360-degree feedback which allows people to view the evaluations that they need in order for them to be at their absolute best. The app price isn’t flat, and it would vary depending on how many employees you would have to monitor.


Apart from attendance and employee performance, another factor you would have to keep in check for proper management of your business is finance, specifically, expenses. One of the best apps for this particular purpose is Nexonia, which focuses primarily on revenue-generating work through making tasks that have to do with expense-making one which is automated. This has to be taken proper care of, given that expenses are some of the most critical aspects when it comes to management, and a failure in this aspect essentially spells doom for any establishment.

To be able to do this, it comes with integrations, versatile approval workflows, full support and training, as well as an intuitive mobile application. Its key features include integration of the credit card, ERP integrations and accounting, muti-currency and customer support, as well as the necessary mobile apps.


For large-scale companies that have an HR department, doing the whole function of it in a streamlined manner is something that you would want to consider. These functions include scheduling of employees, making of employee reports, off and onboarding, and the like. While there are several software applications that take care of these individual tasks, CakeHR takes things up a notch by seamlessly integrating all of these workflows in a single app.

To make all of these possible, it is compatible for use on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. It also has a 360-degree feedback, a calendar that’s shared by the whole company, vacation management features, as well as customization for permission levels, given that degrees of confidentiality for the different HR files may vary, and thus access to them would have to be better controlled. It is one of the most affordable apps at just under $5 to use on a monthly basis.


Scheduling, Finance, and Work Performance of employees, are all important aspects of any business. Another factor which we should never forget would have to be the over-all workforce. After all, how is a business supposed to operate without the existence of a solid one? The perfect employee management app to help with this particular aspect of your business is Wonolo. This is, essentially, an on-demand staffing platform which allows businesses to effectively fill labor needs, either on an hourly of daily basis.

The problem of mile-staffing is one which is abundant in the world of small-to-medium companies, and Wonolo helps in order for these companies to dispatch and properly match their employers as soon as they possibly could, and in some instances, increase the workforce by getting people on Wonolo to do the job.

Its features include better workforce management, an intelligent matching mechanism, as well as immediate posting of jobs to make all of this possible. Lastly, this is compatible with HR, with the compatibility feature one which is built-in.


Proper Employee Management goes beyond teaching employees the proper conduct at work, as well as providing them with the necessary information in a bid for their work output to be maximized. All of these apps the different aspects of management one which is indeed, much easier for you to do.

How To Revamp Your Business? Turn To Mobile Technology

The only thing that’s constant in this world, as they say, is change. One of the ever-changing things in this world would most definitely have to be technology, specifically, Mobile Technology. With mobile technology, you are able to take your work elsewhere, and thus allow you to be a more productive individual or company. There are several aspects to mobile technology, such as cloud-based tools, more advanced smart phones, faster and more convenient internet connectivity, and the like.

If your business just can’t keep up with the times, chances are, you’d crash and burn before you even know it. With that said, if you learn to adapt to modern trends in mobile technology by effectively integrating it with your business transactions you could revamp your business and make it grow and prosper faster than you may expect. How exactly does mobile technology expand your business? How could this possibly be done? Below are concrete answers to these questions.

Better Opportunities for Product and Service Showcasing

With advancement in mobile technology comes a better opportunity in order for you to bring your business or brand closer to customers. On social media, you are able to post promotional pictures and videos, as well as provide an alley for direct messaging for deals and inquiries, both of which allow users to know more about your brand, which used to just be possible through telephones and/or cellphones. It also allows you to create breathtaking videos, and in effect, be able to take your advertisement to a whole new level. As a matter of fact, to make experiences even richer for their clients, some companies have started to make use of VR, or virtual reality to give a three-dimensional, real-world spin to the product.

More Effective Communication

In the early days of mobile technology, the only way through people could communicate is through calling and texting, with the internet only being an avenue to display such graphics, with electronic communication through e-mail only catching up later on. As mobile technology advances,, people have begun to make use of the internet as a more quicker means of getting connected in real time with their clients. When businesses are set up nowadays, it is done so across platforms, such as desktops, laptops, etc., which was a far cry from back in the day. Effective communication is vital to the longevity of any business, as it is the perfect way to assess on whether or not clients are satisfied with the services you give, as well as a way in order for you to establish ties with other business in hopes of making yours a stronger one.

Save both Time and Money

One of the greatest advantages associated with the use of Mobile Technology for your business is the fact that you are able to save both time and money. The reason for this is that a lot of mobile applications could reduce the amount of time it takes for you to do common work-related tasks, such as filling up and submitting of forms, as well as reproduction of important documents and dissemination of information. As a matter of fact, even filing of taxes have mobile solutions already, and could even help with the making of expense reports. In a nutshell, businesses nowadays are all pretty much on-the-go, thanks to the automated attribute of mobile technology.

Allows for a Win-win Situation for Employees and Employer

While making sure that customers are satisfied with the services they get is necessary for a business, the reality is that you also have to take care of your employees as well. Happier employees almost always equate to more work output. With that said, mobile technology allows for flexibility, where employees could work more comfortably, wherever and whenever they want. Gone are the days where employees would have to be confined in a single area just to work, thanks to cloud computing and the more high-end devices that allows work to be made portable. With more work flexibility comes better work productivity, which in turn would yield a win-win situation between the employee and the employer.

See Your Business Grow in Unprecedented Rates

Having a better reach and more ways to communicate to your audience, as well as having cloud-based tools and high-end mobile devices for better work productivity, would, without a doubt enable your business to grow and develop much faster than you would the old school way. There are no fears of the so-called “downtime” among cloud-based solutions, and these have been tailored to work seamlessly no matter how high or low the business demand. Moreover, dispersion of cash and seeing its inflow and outflow is made more efficient with apps like PayPal, Slack, and even Google drive. The rate at which businesses go on an international scale has doubled compared to that of the previous decade.

How Could You Effectively Finance Your New Business? 4 Effective Ways How

Business is one of the most basic, yet most common means through which people get employed nowadays. Whether it be making, owning, and managing a business, or working for one, it would be difficult to imagine a country, or any place with human life without having a business of some sort, and is thus the primary means through which people earn for a living. If you are on the owning and managing side, a common inquiry would be: “How can I possibly start?” Once that question has been set in mind, another thing you have to ask is: “How do I get capital for my new business?”

While your mind might be teeming with great ideas, as well as a wide variety of prospect sources for money, here are 5 effective, and of course, realistic ways on how to effectively finance your budding business.

Use Your Very Own Assets

The most common, and ideal source of capital would be that of your own. The reason for this is that it directly comes from your own pocket. This is where roughly 70% of people get the capital they need to start their business. With that said, people often go and auction things that they don’t really need, such as jewelry. Some people also sell their cars with hopes of having a huge capital. Others, for love of business take things up a notch and sell their homes to settle in a smaller one.

When it comes to personal property, a less drastic measure includes getting an equity line of credit, or a home equity loan, which may cause an increase in your monthly mortgage. Make sure to get these paid, lest your house would be taken from you.

Ask help from friends and family

If your own assets aren’t enough to achieve your target capital, one of the things you could opt to do is to ask help from your family and your close friends. The best way for you to do so is through loaning from them, and not an equity investment. Doing the latter would effectively make them co-owners of a business. While it isn’t really a bad idea, it would still be best to start as a sole proprietorship once you’re still in the baby steps of your business. In the long run, it could cause trouble, as having other people as proprietors in your business may give more people a “say” on the pertinent transactions of the business, which could veer it off the path you intend.

Make Use of Credit Cards

If you want to take a shortcut, then one of the most common go-tos among aspiring entrepreneurs would be their credit cards. The reason for this is that it basically by-passes the extremely tedious process of filing for a loan application. All that you would have to do is to get a credit card, set it for an upper limit that’s greater than your intended capital, and you’re good to go! Swipe when you need to buy things and your business is up and ready in no time! Conservative estimates for credit limits range from $10,000 to $50,000 if you want a capital for a small business. So long as you are able to meet the minimum monthly payments, you are able to carry a large balance with you. One of the advantages you may have to consider, however, is the fact that interest rates may be extremely high, which could cause you to spend more than you could have.

Availing of Micro Loans

If you’re based in the United States, then this is something you could avail of. This works by making use of intermediaries, which allows small-scale business owners to borrow money by receiving money from the SBA, or the United States Small Business Administration. Their loans are that of low-interest rate, and the range for loans you can avail of include those costing $100 to as high as $35,000, with interests ranging from 8 to 13 percent, which is considerably lower than other loaning programs.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Excel In E-Commerce Content Marketing

Content Marketing in a nutshell is simply pulling out all the stops in order for the number of people who view the things you post online to be maximized, keep people coming back for more, while attracting more and more people to your site. This is most especially true in the case of eCommerce stores. Most of the time, he way in which they are presented plays a crucial role in terms of marketing it. With that said, what are some important tips for you to excel in content marketing?

Conduct a needs analysis

Whenever you wish to embark on a venture in hopes of business growth, this is the first thing which you ought to do. What are the needs of your clients or target users that have to be addressed immediately? How could we best adapt to and address this particular need of theirs? The best way in order for you to answer these questions is to analyze their inquiries. This is an effective means of knowing what they need, which could be done in either a direct or an indirect manner. This is usually done through social media, and in terms of soliciting feedback, suggestions, and questions, this method is deemed easier to do.

Maximize Connectivity in the Mobile Realm

If you want people to pay attention and visit your site, one of the ways for you to do so is to increase the ways through which users could be connected through it. Nowadays, note that people are more into mobile equipment as their way of getting connected to the internet. With that said, make it a point for your website to be optimized for mobile platform viewing, with an over-all interface that is 100% compatible for smaller screens, such as tablets, smartphones, and the like. This lessens the possible hesitation among people for getting to your site and doing the necessary transactions.

Be as Transparent as Possible

While a little bit of mystery every now and then may enchant people, the reality is, it may not always apply in the business world. The website that gets visited often is the site which displays as much information as possible. The reason for this is that people may have doubts regarding the legitimacy of the business without seeing enough information on their website. With that said, it is important that you post your product catalogue, as well as who are the people behind the company or business. Showing the full range of services your company could offer, as well as who the people behind the business are would give the whole company a much more legit feel to it. Make sure to not pad things, though, as this may backfire in the long run.

Offer A Variety of Incentives

If you want people to be more engaged with your website, make use of Promotional material that would make them want to avail of your services. With that said, make it a point to put up sale pages, coupons, and discounts that would entice and enthrall site visitors. This is because the reality is that users in the online world would always look for ways in order for them to make the most out of there money, and that is, spend as little as possible while getting the greatest quantity and/or quality.

Be as Interactive as Possible

This includes establishing yourself as an authority in the internet world, as well as talking to visitors on a regular basis. On your site, or on social media platforms, you could also try and post topics that are known to create a buzz among your target audience, and would keep them visiting the site. Not only would this make your content be seen by more people, it also helps you to get brand new ideas for the improvement of your business.


There really is no single, uniform formula for the success of your business. Apart from eCommerce, you also have to make sure that the quality of your products and/or services is as good as possible, as people would end up recommending this to others, making it one of the most classic yet foolproof means of advertising.

6 Ways To Know That Entrepreneurship Is Definitely Your Path

One of the most common career paths that play in the minds of people is the business and entrepreneurship route. The working principle behind it is relatively simple, where all that people would have to do is to invest in items or services, and then exchange them with cash, do the process again and again, and in the process, earn more cash. The reality however, is that Entrepreneurship goes way beyond that. If you’re fine and doing well with the principle above, then you might want to check on whether you possess the traits below, which could help to tell on whether or not entrepreneurship is definitely your path.

You Take Risks

This is one reality about business. With investments, no matter how sound they seem, would always have a fair share of risks that may be overlooked upon assessment, or you may only notice the moment you already make the investment. Natural-born entrepreneurs are people who don’t mind this, and take calculated risks on a regular basis. Playing safe wouldn’t really allow you to expand in terms of business potential. With that said, natural and logical risk takers would make good business owners.

You take Initiative

One of the realities of Entrepreneurship that it’s all about moving and taking one stride at a time. Natural-born entrepreneurs are not content with just looking at their money getting in and out. They take appropriate action on it. While great ideas are important in a business, they would never fully materialize if people would not take work on it, and concretely plan the steps on how these ideas are going to be implemented. A lot of business have failed due to their owners not taking initiative.

You are Curious

Being an Entrepreneur, while people may be “born with it”, as many people would say, the reality is it would really take initiative to develop. One of the proper means of developing this is through being curious. You try to read success stories of entrepreneurs, you venture out and solicit advice, as well as establish ties with other businessmen who may share common interests, or with whom you could mutually benefit from. You also try and investigate on how certain business schemes work and fail.

You’re “Mr. or Ms. Sunshine”

By Mr. or Ms. Sunshine, you are a positivistic person. With that said, it would be extremely difficult for business to grow and prosper if the owners are all apprehensions and other negative thoughts. An entrepreneur is not supposed to be deterred by the trials that may come their way, no matter how great or small this can be. You are also expected to set the energy in the crowd by appearing confident to them. In this manner, you are able to establish beneficial ties much quicker and easier.

You are a Person in Authority

One of the attributes of an entrepreneur would have to be the fact that they are respected. Being a person in authority simply means that you are able to lead people, and that people believe in the things that you say. Moreover, being an entrepreneur would entail being in charge, as well as dealing with people. Entrepreneurs are people-persons, in a sense that they don’t confine themselves within their own shell, which could turn out to be destructive in the long run. The reality is that you can’t do things in the realm of business and entrepreneurship on your own.

You are a rebel

By rebel, we don’t really mean someone who doesn’t listen to authorities. You may be someone who just doesn’t find himself “fitting in”. A lot of entrepreneurs live an unconventional life, doing a lot of rebel-ish things, and not necessarily getting the best grades. Unbeknownst to people, a lot the values and life lessons are learned beyond the 4 walls of the classroom, which is something that these entrepreneurs, back in the days may have pretty much experienced. In the pursuit of life which is slightly different, they are able to grow and if these experiences are used the right way, they become better people.


There really is no uniform, single formula for success. With that said, there are several means in order for you to actually become the entrepreneur you have long dreamed of becoming. Also, note that not all the times to entrepreneurs possess these characteristics. As personalities of people vary greatly, depending on various factors. At the end of the day, it would always be your dedication that would count. If you put your mind into being an entrepreneur, you would definitely become one before you even know it.

6 Surprisingly Simple Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips

If you’re on the lookout for means in order for your brand to be made known, one of the most effective means in today’s society would most definitely have to be through Ecommerce. In a nutshell, this is the act of making sales and marketing your product in the online world with the use of e-mail, social media, as well as through pop-ups on sites, and conversion of leads to sales. The world of ECommerce could be tricky at first, but if you want some simple tips that could guarantee better returns for you, here are 6 simple tips you can apply.

Send More Personalized Emails 

While it may seem very basic, this is something that has been proven to actually work. As a matter of fact, a lot of sites are already making it a point to send emails that come across as personalized. The reason behind the effectiveness of this tip is the fact that clients would always love the feeling of being taken good care of. Be careful to not seem creepy though, make use of behavioral data and preferences, and not customer names for the ultimate e-mail personalization.

Get Regularly Updated Email Lists

If you don’t want to end up wasting all your effort and resources, make it a point to update your own email list on a regular basis. This is because studies have shown that the rate at which this expires is roughly at a quarter of the total number per year. Make sure to update the list every now and then, as this could pretty much cause sender scores to decrease, getting more emails sent directly to spam rather than the target user’s inbox, and ultimately, losing more prospect clients.

Use Popups in a Proper Manner 

As the name suggests, these popups are those ads that show up on certain websites, which would enable people to both view your brand, as well as interact with it. With that said, make sure that you make use of them the smart way. Make sure they’re relevant, and don’t make them come across as intrusive. Don’t use the same popups for all visitors, and target them according to the traffic source from where they originate. In this way, you are able to maximize the capturing of email addresses more effectively.

Be More Interactive with Live Chat

Being hands-on with clients would always grab their attention, and serves as an effective means of marketing your product. With that said, having a live chat online is the best means for you to be hands-on with clients. Make it a point to be more proactive on this matter, and not just make use of a chatting software and just simply wait for prospects to come and approach you. One of the reasons as to why marketers fail is due to their inability to provide answers to follow-up questions users may have.

Keep Things Original

This is the single, most obvious means in order for you to stand out is to keep things original. Don’t just grab content from other sites and rip-off other brands. People don’t settle for content that’s not original at all, as this could carry across a negative image to the brand. Come up with original content for your product reviews and advertisements. In this manner, your search rankings would most definitely end up improving, as you’re giving clients content that are fresh and new.

Observe A Strategy and Search Engine Optimization

In life, you can never really prosper without a plan of some sort. Make it a point to come up with a strategy, especially in the areas of promotion and content creation. The number of marketers who do this are alarmingly low, and the best you could do is to join that dismal number. Lastly, always observe Search Engine Optimization. Make use of smart keywords to make your ideas cut through. Getting the keywords right enables you to give users the chance to obtain what they truly need from your site in just a few clicks.

7 Books Every That Can Help Startup Entrepreneurs Get On The Right Track

The best way to learn is through reading and no matter how old you grow, you should never stop learning, so reading is one of the best things that you can do. While there are a number of books you can read, if you’re a Startup Founder it’s important you pick out books that are worth your time so that you end up learning something of value that you can incorporate in your business at the end of the day. There are tons of books you can read, but if you want to make sure you pick out the right ones, here’s a list of some of the best books every entrepreneur or founder who plans to start a new venture should read.

Zero To One

Everyone recognizes the name Peter Thiel. His initial backing to Facebook was a huge turning point for Mark Zuckerberg. This proves that Peter Thiel has an eye for success and this is what makes Zero To One extra special. Zero To One consists of the notes of one of Peter Thiel’s students from Stanford, Blake Masters. Zero To One has been recommended by a number of high profile entrepreneurs including Mark Zuckerberg himself.

The $100 StartUp

Whenever you start a new venture you need to get as inspired as possible. This is why The $100 StartUp is one of those books that you would want to invest in. It contains loads of inspiring stories that you will enjoy reading. It’s a great way to pull you up when you’re feeling low and give you the much needed motivation to push forward no matter how hard situations get.


Hooked is another amazing book written by Nir Eyal. This book covers all the aspects of a startup and covers customer engagement as well as key requirements. This book will also teach you to control your behavior and make rational rather than emotional decisions. Hooked is all about forming a new habit and sticking to it if it works in your favor.

The Four Steps to the Epiphany

While it’s good to get inspired, you also need to understand what needs to be done in order for you to become successful and there’s nothing better than ‘The Four Steps to the Epiphany’ that can help you understand what you need to do in order to achieve success with your startup. Even if you think you’ve got everything under control, this is one highly recommended book that you must read so that you can push ahead and learn to succeed against all odds.

The Checklist Manifesto

As the name suggests, the The Checklist Manifesto is all about getting the checklist right when venturing into something new. This amazing book is written by Atul Gawande and covers all shows you how a checklist can improve the results for your business. Although this book has been written from the point of view of a medical surgeon, the results will apply in almost every field. The book contains a number of fun vignettes and has a number of assertions that make it really valuable. Top entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey include a copy of The Checklist Manifesto in every welcome kit he hands out to all of his new employees.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Most startup founders believe they have it all under control; however, once you actually start running your business you soon realize that you have to work really hard and no matter what there are no short-cuts for you to succeed. It not only inspires you to put in all your hard work and efforts to succeed, but also helps you become more confident about running a successful business which is what you need, especially when you’ve just started off.

The Lean Startup

If you want to make sure you the right choices at the start, you need to have the right information on how you should move ahead with your business. It is also essential for you to consider taking certain risks after calculating them and experimenting with it a little.  This is a great book for you to read and help you become more prepared for you to run a successful business.

The 3 Best Website Building Software’s

For any business to survive today it’s important to have a website that stands out. While there are a number of companies that offer services to help build your company website, these companies either charge a lot of money or end up delivering a site that you’re not very happy with. If you thought website designing was tough and you needed ot be an expert in order to get it done, it’s time you tried out some of the best online website builder websites that can help you to create your own website without too much effort. The best part about these sites is that there’s no coding involved which means that you can create the perfect site without knowing how to code or design for that matter. There are tons of templates that you can choose from, and on certain sites you can even upload your own customized template in case you’re not very happy with the ones available on the site. If you want to make sure you get the perfect site for your business, then you need to pick the right site to help you build it. Here are the top 4 website builder sites that can help your website dreams come true.


Squarespace is mostly known for its amazing rich features and the complete e-commerce suite. If you are mainly in the business of selling then Squarespace is perfect for you. Squarespace believes in empowering their customers with unlimited ability to sell products. All the power and flexibility is provided to the customer within one platform. All sites that are built on Squarespace are easy to use and extremely easy to shop. There are no fancy designs or anything of that sort. User friendliness is the key and the people at Squarespace have kept it as simple as possible. Squarespace has their e-commerce functionality integrated well and built into all the templates.


Weebly is one of the most popular web building sites that you can use. Firstly, this is the easiest website builder you will find because of the very convenient features that it has to offer. All you need to do is drag and drop images to the website and it will upload it for you. If you have no experience in website building, this is by far the best site that you can refer to because you won’t need to spend too much time in figuring out how you have to use it which means that you can get your site ready in the shortest time span. There are tons of themes you will find on Weebly. You can check out the themes based on category so that you find one that relates to your business the best. These themes have a pre-edited layout, which makes it easy for you to place the images and content based on the design. You don’t need to know coding or designing to create a professional looking website with Weebly. These sites are all mobile friendly, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the mobile audience which is the most important audience these days.


Wix is the best when it comes to building amazing looking yet efficient websites. There are over 500 templates to use that are useful for almost all industries. Each of these templates are professional and visually stunning. When it comes to drag & drop building of websites there is nothing that beats Wix. The design features of Wix are said to be the most innovative. One of the main features of Wix is they are code free. This means that even a beginner will find this easy to use and convenient to follow instructions. The team at Wix provides the best customer service. Their email support, forum support and telephone support is considered the best in the industry. Most of the people that use Wix end up building their own websites because of the ease of use.

When it comes to website building there are a number of options out there however, you need to make sure that you look at your needs before finalizing any particular website builder. This will help you make an informed decision and not rush into anything.