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Best Vlogging Cameras – Top Picks For Your Budget and Reviews 2019!

Simplicity in Use

Vlogging! You sure must have heard that term, right?

Vlogging refers to recording a video to deliver information in the same way you would deliver the information through a blog post. This term started way back in 2002, but its use surged in 2005 after the inception of YouTube. These days, important personalities own vlogs and use them to share experiences, deliver information, and build a robust fan base.

To succeed in vlogging, you must search for the very best vlog camera for your need and ofcourseyou should deliver content which is rich in value. Other than that, image quality is paramount, and it’s what will make your vlogging efforts to bear fruits. Speaking of quality images, you can’t achieve this without a quality vlogging camera. Well, the best camera is not necessarily the costliest one. Of course, pricing matters a great deal; but, the following factors are also critical when searching for the best vlogging camera.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vlogging Camera!

1. Wide Angle Lens

wide angle lens

A wide angle lens produces the best image quality. A wide angle lens ensures that the vlogger fits in the image perfectly. Normally, the ranges available go from 35mm, 28mm, 24mm, 20mm and 14 mm in descending order. The 35mm camera is the best in this area and offers the widest view. Equally, it costs slightly higher than the others.

2. Pocket Sized Camera

pocket sized camera

When classifying anything as efficient, it has to be mobile. From, anyone’s view of an ideal vlogging, you have to be versatile. That means even filming yourself in the town square, or even in front of the white house. You don’t expect to carry a whole setup of stands and cameras just to take a random football video. Furthermore, if you put up daily vlogs, should you struggle frequently setting up your station? No. On the other hand, you should just obtain a pocket sized, quality and yet manageable vlog camera that will get the same job done.

3. Simplicity in Use

Simplicity in Use

Surely, this is photography; not rocket science or surgery where you have to sit down and memorize how to use something. Any ideal camera for vlogging ought to be easy to identify and operate. First the camera should have everything in the right place and easy to reach. An example is the flash button. It should be where the index finger is. Also, the casing and lenses should be easily replaceable with ease. It shouldn’t be a matter of using screw drivers to change lenses. Batteries should also be the common A++ that is rechargeable. Cable ports ought to be in place too.

4. Optical Image Stabilization

Optical Image Stabilization vlogging camera

Image stabilization is among the pros of a vlog camera. That’s the difference between filming yourself using a smartphone and a professional camera. Normally, in a video, it might contain lot of movement and shaking. You wouldn’t want something that is 360p and produces blur every time you move, would you?

The preferred camera should be around 4K UHD and still provide clear image when recording objects or people in movement. An example is when swimming or taking videos with fans. To achieve the best videos, the camera should provide consistent imaging and discernment at the highest levels.

5. Slow Motion Recording

slow motion recording

By definition, a slow motion image is a picture that is captured at its finest and optimum point. Let’s say, just before a rain drop touches the ground, or just before blood gushes out when you cut a chicken’s neck. It gives life to most moments as if were there. Most old generation cameras might capture the video but not the image.

Without this feature, you might be forced to download apps to try and crop the video till you reach the exact place and still not get the fine details required. Tiring, huh? Why not just get an effect camera that gets the most opportune moments? So before buying a camera, ensure it supports slow motion recording.

6. Time Lapse Feature

Time Lapse Feature

Time-lapse refers to the technique in which the frequency of capturing film frames is lower than that at which the sequence is played back. In other words, events and objects that would otherwise take hours, days and months to film can take seconds to be viewed to completion.

An example is recording the movements of clouds, the pregnancy process or bustling of the city. Very few cameras have the time-lapse feature to speed up the viewing time. Ironically, most phones tend to have apps that can do this job; however, the video quality might end up being very low, hence the need to use a vlogging camera.

If you’re a You-tuber seeking videos that can play lots of details within a short time, you need a camera with to ensure that you take events that give you the most of subscribers, most unique of content and the best of imaging.

7. Good Imaging Quality

Good Imaging Quality

Good imaging quality is the most basic requirement in any filming camera. This is where the megapixels and camera sensors come in. Normally, the higher the megapixel rating on a camera, the better the image it can capture. However, other factors such as the sensors-both aps-cx and micro-/3rds sensors come into play.

Most poor cameras have small sensors hence can’t sense the light leading to poor image quality while filming. Alternatively, the micro-/3rds sensors provide a range of interchangeable lenses that ensure good image quality. Lastly, is the imaging processor; just like a computer, better processing leads to better imaging. This is in respect to images taken in RAW and Jpg forms

8. Durability and Sturdiness

Durability and Sturdy vlogging camera

What’s the need of owning a camera that can’t keep up with you while hitting the Amazon forests? The general rule is, “I lead the way and the camera has to keep up!” Back to the point, durability and being sturdy is the key in keeping the camera in check. It’s important to go for waterproof and weatherproof cameras.

Additionally, the casing should be the Mike Tyson type – hardy and stiff to prevent breaks. However, it’s also worth mentioning that most buyers look for trouble, rather than letting it find your door. Don’t throw the camera in water just to test the waterproof capability.

9. Good Audio Capability

audio quality in camera

Aside from having good video quality, having the best audio quality is an essential factor in vlogging. How do people subscribe to you yet can’t hear you well? Any typical good camera should be able to capture the main sound spoken.

Also, noise filters should be present to filter other sounds. An external microphone port should be present to be able to do live videos and such. Furthermore, the sound should always be consistent with the video, and not one lagging after the other.

10. Low Light Performance

Low Light Performance

Most cameras tend to produce ambiguous photos when they capture images in the night. Specifically, Smartphone’s tend to give your eyes a shiny-vampire like appearance due to the low lighting feature. The ideal YouTube camera should have a low light capability.

However, tech scholars argue that a camera with fewer megapixels is way better in low light photography than higher megapixels ones.

Nevertheless, your camera shouldn’t have less than 8 megapixels. Additionally, a factor called image noise comes into handy in low light photography.

Currently, the problem is unsolved and is similar to film grain. Nevertheless, a good posture, timing and shot will produce the best image when taken with a low light camera.

11. 4K Support

4K Support

In the 21st century, 4k support is a must on any digital platform. But in the first place, what is 4k?

To start with, it’s also known as quad resolution or quad high full definition. It is characterized by having 4096p*2160p or 3840p*2160p. Also, it can have twice the resolution of 1080p. Currently, 4k is marketed in two consumer channels ultra HD, or UHD and the 4k up scaling capability found mostly in televisions.

Currently, most devices-even the Xbox one s has 4k capability, why not your camera? For photographers, this means that a better image quality, the color perception and contrast are at their peak.

12. External Microphone Support

external audio in vlogging camera.jpeg

An external microphone support is an essential thing especially in a camera setup. For good audio support, a camera should have an inbuilt camcorder with a microphone input to key in the main sound.

This sound should be in accordance with the video. The advantage to having this port is that the sound input is higher and so will the output be.

In conclusion, when seeking to buy a digital vlogging camera, ensure you opt for camcorder with microphone input. Additionally, draft  a list of the minimum requirements that you require and hence purchase from there. However high the price may be, always remember quality is better than quantity.

Vlogging Camera under $6000

Canon 1dx Mark 

Canon 1dx Mark

Are you looking for an ideal camera? Well, you must be aware of some of the features that make the products desirable. It is characterized by unsurpassed image quality, ease of use, low light performance, durability, incredible audio quality and external microphone port. How about its price? It just happens to be one of the cheap professional cameras out there. Read on, to get more information on Canon 1dx.


SUPER FAST SHOOTING – The camera offers you an opportunity to engage in speedy shooting. The 14.0 fps full-resolution and JPEG OR RAW capacity makes it all better. Additionally, with a 170 RAWs burst rate, you can engage in continuous shooting.

The AF performance has been enhanced through the 61-point while the center point focus sensitivity is incredible. You can track still images because an EOS intelligent feature is offered.

4K VIDEO WITH 60 FPS – A 4K video of up to 60fps is offered. It has an 8.8-megapixel and a full 1080p high definition capture.

The affordable professional camera has a dual DIGIC plus image processors to ensure that the light passing though the sensor is converted into amazing images. The feature also boosts the overall performance. You have the chance to record up to 170 full size files because a CFast card slot is provided. There are no restrictions as to the type of videos that you can take since it has the exFAT format support feature. The 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor allows you to make more recordings and further reduces the undesirable dark parts of an image.

The intelligent viewfinder has been enhanced to ensure that you can get convenient composition. In fact, you do not have to take your eyes off the image when making adjustments. You will be in a position to see the grid, the white balance, and electronic level, among other details while still focusing on the subject. The information provided in LCD display is detailed. The AF points will be presented to you in red. The 3.2 inch touch panel features makes it possible to have the desirable stills and videos. The touch screen allows you to magnify images when engaging in live view shooting.

HIGHLY DURABLE – The magnesium alloy body is durable. In any case, this cheap professional camera is designed to perform well in all types of environments. A finger placement feature allows you to grip the camera with ease and in a way that won’t make you fatigued while engaging shots for a long time. You are offered a warranty by requesting it from the customer care service. It can be shipped to you freely.

  • It is durable
  • It can take amazing images in the dark
  • It features a fast face tracking front microphone
  • It is easy to use
  • The image and audio quality is incredible
  • It is heavy
  • The screen does not flip
  • The price is relatively high

All in all, the cheap professional camera is worth your purchase. It allows you to get the type of functionality that you cannot find with other cameras on the market. You can make your order from right from Amazon and it will be shipped to you promptly.

Vlogging Camera under $3000

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a small DSLR Camera and a brand in the photography and video industry yet it has a high-tech design. The camera has a supercharged EOS system modeled for high and stunning performance. Additionally, the EOS 5D Mark III captures high-quality resolution images and is highly designed to perform. To cap this up, it is best for taking selfies, as well as capturing beautiful cinematic pictures for movies.


The camera comes with DIGIC 5+ image processor which is enhanced for noise reduction and high processing speed. For its high-level quality performance, EOS 5D Mark III uses the DIGIC 5+ optimized image processor. It works with a two-four way channel A/D converter for the front end processing circuit and delivers speeds equivalent of to 6.0 fps RAW+JPEG. The DIGIC 5+ Image processor aids in fast data processing, high performance and high-level algorithms which promotes excellent noise reduction with a more elevated ISOs.

Apart from processing the conventional image function, the DIGIC 5+ image processor provides a real-time feature for the chromatic aberration for both motion and still images. Fully equipped with a powerful processor, the rapid improvement is noticeable immediately the camera is switched on, and the magnificent results speak volumes about the camera.

Despite being a small DSLR camera, it has a high resolution – 22.3 Megapixel, with a CMOS full-frame sensor which is designed on the ground to create a quality resolution, perfectly detailed images combined with unprecedented clarity and speed. The 24 x 36mm full screen has a sensor that captures 5784 x 3861 huge single 6.25 µm pixels. It also has the improved S/N ration that results to crisp images.

The EOS 5D Mark III has a newly installed photodiode structure which has a raised photoelectric conversion rate that increases the sensor’s sensitively to approximately two stops over older models. It means the camera has higher ISOs with the minimum or lowest noise of any digital EOS camera. With all these features, it makes this the best camera for selfies due to the high image quality produced.

EOS 5D Mark III does not only offer the 14-bits of the signal for processing the perfect image gradation, that also delivers an expanded and higher standard ISOs, with scores of options which enhance the shooting in various fast changing light situations. Laden with 100-25600 ISO standard range, EOS 5D Mark III gives the camera a two-stop increased sensitivity over the older version cameras. The EOS 5D Mark III shoots down the expanded sensitivities to ISO 50 L and increases up to 51200 (H1), to 102400 (H2) and beyond.

  • The EOS 5D Mark III has the CMOS sensor which uses less voltage and produces photos faster because of the many variables in the camera design.
  • EOS 5D Mark III shoots high-level images with expanded sensitivities from ISO 50 L to 51200 H1 and beyond.
  • The Camera has an ergonomic handle that offers a comfortable grip for long hours without fatigue for either left or right-handed users.
  • Has a lens platform which adjusts to several heights as well as angles and provides support for camera bodies and longer lenses.
  • One of the best selfies cameras due to the high quality produced.
  • The power required to start up the relay of electricity to the CCD is a bit high. The more voltage is necessary during the long shutter speed produces more heat. It, in turn, results in more noise in the digital photo.
  • The CCD camera batteries are bigger, and they need a longer time to recharge.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is necessarily a new model. It has all its system updated and upgraded. With its 7D full-frame, the camera control layout, it’s customized extensive 63-zone metering sensor. It is a big buy for people who love to take photos.

Sony a7R II 

Sony a7R II 

Sony Alpha 7R II is a super brand that has revolutionized the photography industry and taken it a notch higher. Designed with the latest 42.2-megapixel full-frame Exmor R which has a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, the Sony Alpha 7R II mirrorless digital camera is taking the mirrorless imaging technology to an even newer level. The camera is the ideal videographer equipment for photography and video shooting professionals.


The camera has an incomparable newer image sensor. It takes more comprehensive and quality pictures. It’s back-illuminated and has a 35 mm full-frame with a CMOS picture sensor. Laden with 42.4 megapixels, the camera takes quality image resolutions coupled with high sensitivity images up to ISO 102,400 with speedy responses to new levels. Designed with a fast AF Hybrid dense system, with and a broader focal plane phase for detection, the AF coverage sizes the subject into a sharp focus within the frame. At the same time, the 5-axis steady short stabilization reduces the blur that affects handheld shots. The camera’s high-quality resolution is further made better by the 4K movie shooting featuring the full pixels readout without the pixel binning.

The Sony α 7R II has user bit and multiple timecode settings for recording options; this helps the camera to meet various workflows. This camera is designed with a standard record-run mode which advances timecodes while shooting, plus the free run time-code which advances a timecode also when not recording. It can be excellent for synching many cameras at a live recording event. The α7RII can also record timecode in drop-frame as well as the non-drop frame mode. It can also output timecode through HDMI while recording internally.

The Sony a7R II is XGA OLED using the ZEISS® T* Coating. The camera is EVF coated with ZEISS® T*to reduce the surface reflection. It also has the world’s highest optimized viewfinder magnification which is at 0.78x. These camera settings show how the settings can affect images as well as maximize high-level resolution performance.

  • With the Sony α 7R II, a photographer can quickly back up their images to the cloud. The camera has PlayMemories app which is a Sony’s cloud-based video and photo service. With this fantastic feature, photographs taken with a7R II can back up to the cloud, and you can easily have access photos from a smartphone or any other device.
  • Long battery life to take still images up to approximately 290 shots, the viewfinder about 340 shots, and LCD screen, CIPA standards.
  • It is the world’s number one RAW converters rendering perfect precision colors and unbelievable detail. It has all essential adjustment tools, tractable digital management assets, and quick responsive performance in single integrated and customized solution.
  • Sony α 7R II has lens compatibility, the E-mount lenses for Sony cameras.
  • Camera has no front screen to touch while taking photos

The Sony α 7R II has a full inbuilt range of accessories that meets every videographer and professional photographer’s need. The camera further expands ones shooting pleasure and provides a photographer a professional cutting edge over others with accessories bespoke to the α 7R II. It is a must-have.

Vlogging Camera under $2000

Canon 80D 

Canon 80D 

When putting up a top 20 list, certainly you can miss out on the latest 2017 cameras. Ignore the quote “old is gold “and focus on the new. This is a blessing from the manufacturers! Being the successor of the canon 70D, this camera can only compete with the canon EOS t7i series. Nevertheless, when it comes to the external, it is nearly similar to the canon 70-D. Only that the interiors build up is different. Despite the new dual autofocus, the 24 mp auto sensors, it doesn’t have 4K UHD mode. So what else is new?


Body: in comparison to the Canon 70D, the”genetic”makeup is the same, since the normal metallic combination of alloys and the polycarbonate have been used to ensure the camera’s survival. The color still comes in black, while the size is normal to its predecessors. Without accessories, it weighs about 770g.

Most importantly, is the digital imaging, what can this machine offer you? One, it has the best imaging ever. With a current lens of 24.2 mp APS-C CMOS sensor with dual pixel autofocus, it’s simply the Ronaldo of photography. Additionally; its new 45 point autofocus system that has all type points gives the best possible image ever. Talking about the screen, it’s a touch screen. Not just any touch screen, but accompanied with a LCD screen that is 3’1.-4 dot articulating. When it comes to continuous shooting, the cam is super with a burst Rae of 7 fps. Cool, huh? Wait till you see the recording! 1080/60 is simply brilliant for a video blogging camera.

The Canon 80D main feature is its new sensor. Despite Sony releasing weaker sensors in the previous versions, they have stepped up here. Unlike the 70 too, the Canon 80 D has a headphone port that has been added to its microphone to ease recording. When it comes to the ISO range, they have maintained it in the same way as canon 70D. It stands at 100-16000 expandable to 25600. However, the feature present in the 70D intelligent tracking and recognition has been removed, making it “less intelligent”. Regardless, this doesn’t count much. Also the auto focus joystick that was in the previous predecessors has been removed.

To accompany the camera, Canon also released two accessories – the PZ-E1 power zoom adapter and the DM-E1 shotgun microphone that is compatible with any socket as long as it has a 1/8” socket. Of main importance is the PZ-E1 power zoom, which when clipped to the 18-35mm or the lens, gives proper zooming.

  • Gives the best HD imaging-To start with, check the dual DPAF, and check the megapixels at 24.2!
  • Has a huge flip size-the size of the LCD is at 3’’. This screen offers you the possible best view on any camera at the moment.
  • Offers large image size-in the previous Canon 70 D, JEPG images could sometimes appear to be small, as opposed to when taking the shot. This time however, the images appears big and fit the screen perfectly as they should due to the increased sneer capability.
  • Touch screen – it makes navigation easier.
  • Offers the time lapse feature-Being the latest trend, the time lapse feature has been put in place for recording long-term events.
  • Weatherproof-as the saying goes “I lead the way and my camera follows”, this camera will literally follow you everywhere. From being waterproof to dust proof, it offers the best defense too even your lenses.
  • High ISO –the high is at 25600 gives better resolution than the previous canon versions.
  • Remote access-additionally, the remote feature helps you to access your camera via your Smartphone from a distance; a rare feature in older versions of cameras.
  • No 4k UHD-unfortunately, the latest trend in the digital world is ultra HD which has been limited in this version.
  • No Bluetooth support-unlike the canon EOS T7i version, this Canon lacks Bluetooth support.

In summary, the Canon 80D is currently in the top five cameras ever produced. While it has super specs, there is still room to improve the product. This camera clearly answers the question, ‘What cameras do Youtubers use?”

Sony A6500 

Sony A6500 

So Sony decided to upgrade from their gold winning instrument-for the sake of those who wanted to dig a bit deeper into their pockets. Despite having very little to add on to the previous version-Sony a6300- which is still a beast, they decided to spoil us with this new model. Currently, the Sony A6500 is best camera ever by Sony. But, exactly how good is it?


The exterior of Sony A6500 is made up of magnesium alloy, while the body type is rangefinder-style mirrorless. Just like its predecessor, it has come in only one color – black. However, when it comes to the body buttons and controls, a few things have changed. First, the physical controls and manuals are the same. Notably, the C1 has been moved to the upper plate which makes room for a new button – the C2. Also, another feature; the touch screen autofocus point replacement has been made available. Its grip is now firmer than that of the previous A6300 as fits the hand perfectly with ease.

Another feature-the gamma display assist setting has been put in place from the Sony A7S2.These enables the photographer to apply a gamma curve to images taken in flat picture modes.

When it comes to battery life, as significant drop is seen, as it can take a maximum of 350 shots per charge.

Just like recent cameras, it has a very good sensor. At 24 megapixels and having the CMOS sensor type, it offers a stunning view while providing quality imaging. The size remains unaltered at APS-C (23.5 x 15.6). Furthermore, no changes have been made to the processor-boons. As per the ISO, it possesses the highest levels – 25600 just like most cameras. However, it’s expandable to 51200, which makes this the best cam for YouTube.

Image stabilization has now been made available. This feature helps to take pictures and videos perfectly while moving. Images still are released in JEPG AND RAW formats. The video’s format comes in mp4, AVCHD and XAVC-S. Video resolutions range from 1280 x 720(lowest) to 3840 x 2160 (highest).

The screen comes in TFT LCD that is 3” in size. Furthermore, the screen can tilt.

Finally, when it comes to the view finder coverage, it’s simply perfect-100%. The resolution is 0.7X. Storage types are mainly SD, /SDHC/SDXC plus a memory stick duo.

Other minor features include decreased shutter sound from the previous Sony A6300. It contains flash and a continuous drive of 11 fps (very high). Also, it has inbuilt wireless drivers, microphone port, USB and HDMI ports and is remote-access enabled.

  • Being environmentally sealed, the camera can survive harsh conditions. Actually; it is both dust and waterproof.
  • High ISO and image quality-with the high ISO ranges and megapixels stated above, the image is expected to be spectacular.
  • Touch screen-the fact that it aids in easy navigation.
  • Long battery life-despite facing a minor decrease in shots compared to the previous version, it still has a long battery life.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Has an Orientation sensor.
  • Not 4k UHD enabled.
  • Lack a GPS tracker.
  • Lack a headphone port.

Just to sum up, where the pros surpass the cons, quality is assured. As stated above, Sony A6500 is certainly the best cam for YouTube.

Panasonic GH5 

Panasonic GH5

When it comes down to vlogging, the Panasonic cameras absolutely have it all. The previous videos shooting upgrades from the Panasonic GH4 have certainly made this camera the best in the business. Actually, the most famous Youtubers use this beast. Additionally, it’s the fifth camera in this series. Despite all the hype on video shooting, what can this camera give you? Is it worth the hype? Let’s dive right in.


4k capability – To begin with, to find a camera with 4k is not a walk in the park. Secondly; the camera has a full width sensor. It will offer you good and fantastic 4k looking video. Furthermore, it offers an internal 4k/30 p 10bit 4:2:2 output or an optional 4:2:0 internal recording. When it comes to the 1080 p video recording department, it’s simply fascinating, enabling 7.5 times slow-motion.

With 5-axis image stabilization, you can photograph yourself even when running without any blur, cool, don’t you think? Furthermore, have you checked the 9 fps continuous autofocus shooting? It’s amazing. In a nutshell, when it comes to video shoots that require a good focus-the Panasonic GH5 never fails you.

The Panasonic GH5 has a 20MPs 4/3rds sensor. (With no OLPF). Any camera with 18+ mps will give you decent imaging any day and more picture profile options. With as fully articulated 3’LCD touch screen, it gives the best resolution of any image as opposed to the previous LEDs. The native ISO ranges from 100-25600, which is good.

Typically, most Panasonic cameras tend to have good established connectivity. Starting from inbuilt wireless drivers, a microphone port, and headphone support to remote access. It simply offers the best. Additionally, HDMI port is present.

This camera doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the body. Being environmentally sealed, it’s simply weatherproof. The current model is made up of magnesium alloy, while the body type is the latest SLR-mirror less. Apart from being very light, (725 grams) it comes in dimensions of 139 x 98 x 87 which makes it the ideal-pocket sized camera.

  • It offers the best video shooting experience – compared to all cameras at the moment, the Panasonic GH5 is simply amole away from the rest. With inbuilt 1080p video recording while at 4K UHD, you get the value for your money.
  • Terrific photography-at 20megapixels,”the camera can speak for itself”. From more picture profile options to having a maximum resolution of 5184 x 3888, top-notch photography is a must. The images come out either in JEPG or RAW formats. JEPG then can either be fine or standard images.
  • Easier navigation-this camera has an inbuilt manual, has 3”touch screen which make this camera basic for beginners yet optimizes the best out of pros.
  • Fast processor-having avenues engine 10; smooth running can be assured, alongside continuous shooting.
  • Longer battery life, when compared to other cameras.
  • Image stabilization-this pro factor plays a major role in recording random events like street matches. Here, the movement is recorded as it is. No bluffing or blurring!
  • Good connectivity support-from offering a wide range from wife to remote access using your smartphone. It’s simply keeps us check in the digital world.
  • Notably, there is no bluetooth support.
  • Lower megapixels when compared to the canon series of cameras.

In summary, the Panasonic GH5 is simply the best camera out there when it comes to both image and video shooting. So, has this article answered your question, “which is the best camera for YouTube channels?

Canon Eos M5 

Canon Eos M5 

For many years, photography enthusiasts have longed for Canon to venture into mirror-less cameras. While the Canon Eos M5 is not the first such camera, the company has finally released, undoubtedly, their best effort. In fact, this Canon might be the best mirrorless camera for beginners currently in the market. This camera has a wide array of features that enable it to not only produce high quality images and videos but also compact making the device portable and easy to use. Consequently, it is a good vlogging cameras for all the people passionate about photography.


Predictably, the lens is the most striking feature of this camera. The replaceable EEM lens has a wide angle of capture that is accentuated by a fast and accurate autofocus and a good 2.36M dot OLEED electric viewfinder. The camera, having a weight of 427 grams and dimensions of 116 x 89 x 61mm, is easily portable. In fact, it’s tiny and similar in size to Canon G7X. Besides, its image quality is similar to that of G7X, if not better. Despite the fact that it has four buttons that may be confusing to beginners, the camera is easily approachable and easy to use.

The touch screen interface is simple and efficient, making the camera simple to control. Additionally, it has a DIGIC 7 image processor that enables electronic video and image stabilization, which when combined with the lens, gives a 5 axis. The camera supports continuous shooting of images of the same object due to low time lapse between the images it captures. Consequently, dynamic moments such as an athlete crossing the finish line can be easily captured.

The quality of the images taken by this camera, due to its underlying technology, is unsurprisingly high. The camera has a dual pixel CMOS sensor and has a maximum resolution of 24.2 megapixels that also enables the camera to produce high definition videos of 1080p resolution. It has an external microphone port which enables the Canon Eos M5 to capture sound of high quality.

Wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connection not only allow easy sharing of images and videos but also enable the use of online filters to edit photos and videos. The camera has a good casing that makes it durable. An interchangeable lens also enables it to be removed in case of any fault and do little damage to other parts of the camera. The camera seems readymade for hiking due to its low weight and great quality of images it captures.

  • Its pocket size makes it portable hence the camera of choice for hiking and when traveling.
  • It produces images of great quality due to high resolution a good image sensor.
  • It has connections such as Wi-Fi that enables easy sharing and online editing of images and videos.
  • Its autofocus and electronic viewfinder features enable it to capture images of far and inconspicuous objects in great detail.
  • Its autofocus feature is marred by the new finder blackout time, in a period where shooting is pronounced.
  • The shutter button is unresponsive at times, making it unreliable.

Photographers who love Canon have been longing for the company to produce a perfect mirrorless camera and while the Canon Eos M5 is not perfect, it may be the closest mirror-less camera to that. A few flaws have been documented in some of the cameras of the brand but many of them are reliable and efficient. It is without a doubt the best mirrorless camera for beginners that’s currently on retail.

Vlogging Camera under $1000

Canon EOS Rebel T7I 

Canon EOS Rebel T7I

Are you looking for t­­­­he best camera for digital photography? The canon rebel t7I is currently the best vlog camera in the business. It’s the latest of the Canon series to be released in the year 2017. This camera offers the best in both photography and video shooting. To add on, it favors the pros but not beginners as much. But, what does this camera offer you? How exactly does it look like?


When it comes down to the body, first it is a midsized SLR. It comes in only one color, black. The camera’s dimensions are 5.2 x 3 x 3.9 inches. Unfortunately, the cover is not environmentally sealed, thus not weatherproof. If you were wondering about its weight, it ranges from1.19 lbs to 1.8 lbs depending on the accompanying accessories. Additionally, its storage format is only in microSD.

Secondly, are the screen and viewfinder details respectively. The screen is fully articulated 3” with 1,040,000 screen dots. Unlike the Panasonic cameras, the view finder type is 95%, while its magnification is 0.82 times.

Thirdly, let’s discuss the sensor and imaging. Compared to other cameras, t7I has some of the highest megapixels. Standing a 24.2 and sensor photo detectors of 26 megapixels, you can be rest assured of the best photography in the world.

Images taken come in either-JPEG or RAW formats. In the optic focus arena, this camera offers manual digital zoom, but no digital zoom. With an average elf 45 focus points and a focal length of 1.6X high quality is assured. Lastly, the processor used in the DIGIC 7+ which is the latest of its kind. These factors make it the best selfie camera.

Next, is the ideography aspect? To begin with, formats produced come in either MPEG-4 or H.264 formats while modes range from1920 x 1080p to 1280 x 720. Additionally, the microphone is stereo while the speaker is mono.

Other notable features include orientation sensor and the time relapsing feature is also present.

In connectivity, a range of options are present from USB, HDMI, inbuilt WI-FI, microphone support to remote access. The missing features are Bluetooth support and headphone support.

  • Good image quality
  • Longer battery life than the previous versions.
  • Connectivity: Both WI-FI and Bluetooth
  • Full 1080p had video recording: the canon egos rebel T7I offers the best had recording for any type of video-from football matches, to recording the formula 1 race.
  • Fast point autofocus system. (DPAF)
  • Simplicity in use.
  • Time lapse feature is present.
  • Lacks 4k HD support:
  • lack of direct-access control:
  • Lacks Bluetooth and headphone support.

In conclusion, the canon Eos Rebel t7i is an unmatched beast. In the present world, very few cameras can meet the required standards, with few disadvantages. By offering high class videography, it makes the canon T7I the best vlogging camera. Buy one and enjoy the benefits digital full HD photography!

Canon 70D 

Canon 70D

The Canon 70D, older brother to the canon 60D was introduced in late 2016T. This camera is the main choice for enthusiasts looking to upgrade from other cameras such as the Rebel T6I series. You can call it the Casey Neistat camera because it’s associated with YouTube stars like Casey Neistat, among others.

However, the camera doesn’t feature as a top professional camera for advanced individuals looking for the topmost, since it favors the beginners offering excellent experience. What exactly are the features of this camera? Is it a good Canon vlog camera?


To keep it basic, the body comes first in black, and is a midsized digital slur camera and has a flip screen.

Its lens is indicated at 21 megapixels, but the effective range is 20.2 mp. Furthermore, the sensor size belongs to the APS-C class, while the sensor type is CMOS. The processor is however slower than others – the digit 5+. The color space comes in the adobe RGB or serge formats.

When it comes to images produced, quality is assured. First, they can come in both RAW and JEPG formats. However, the camera doesn’t offer image stabilization as compared to the others. What about the ISO? From previous experience, it gives the best among the 25600. Another feature worth discussing is the autofocus mode which is present and very strong.

Apart from the normal face detection and contrast sensor, it also offers other modes such as selective, single point and multi area. It also offers the manual focus option for those who want to focus on particular objects. Additionally, the number of focus points is very high-19, while the focus length multiplier is at 1.6 times.

The most important features pertain to the actual photography. To begin with, the minimum shutter speed is 30 seconds while the maximum is around1\8000 seconds. The scenes go from portrait, landscape, close- ups, night- portrait, handheld night scene and HDR backlight control.

The Canon 70D has an inbuilt flash that has a range of 12.00nm. An external flash is also present. When it comes to taking multiple images, a self timer is present too. However, when it comes to storage only micro is allowed. When it comes to connectivity, much is offered from USB, wireless (inbuilt), microphone ports to a HDMI port. Nevertheless, notably there is no Bluetooth.

The Canon 70D uses the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and has an impressive battery life; when using optical viewfinder, the battery life is good (you can take up to 920 shots). However, the Live View mode consumes more power, and with it, you can only take 210 shots.

  • Weather proof: the camera comes with air tight seals that prevent both dust and water from getting into the camera.
  • Long battery life.
  • High level connectivity: offers in built wife that helps to upload pictures directly. Furthermore, it has a remote access feature, whereby you can access your camera via your smartphone.
  • High image quality – it offers 20mp; this can assure you of very high JPEG and RAW images.
  • Auto lighting optimizer-this feature helps to take images in the dark, offering a brighter background. It therefore enhances the image quality.
  • Live view autofocus-the autofocus feature makes it one of the best cameras for vlogging. This feature comes in handy especially when shooting live videos or taking random images.
  • Good capturing action-this camera is a beast, especially when you want to capture just the right moment.
  • Reduces image noise in the background.
  • When it comes to cost, the canon 70D is among the cheapest, yet quality cameras that you will find.
  • Has a flip screen-as previously, stated, finding a vlogging camera with a flip screen, offering good imaging at cheaper prices is difficult.
  • Lack of the time lapse feature.
  • No image stabilization.
  • No slow motion captures imaging.
  • Doesn’t offer full frame imaging.
  • The camera itself is less mobile as it’s bigger than the G7X.
  • Doesn’t have a microphone port, hence an external one is needed.
  • No 4K UHD capabilities.

Looking at its battery life, high image quality and other impressive specs, this camera is certainly a must-have especially for beginners.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

The Panasonic camera is the most interesting camera produced by the company. Normally, Panasonic produces styled mirror less cameras. However, this time this camera tends to follow Canon’s design of DSLR. Nevertheless, unlike Canon’s cameras, it differs with the high 4k capability, yet reduced megapixels at 16.0.

Generally, this camera is good for beginners who want to try out the DSLR’s or those who are looking for a good vlogging camera. Additionally, this camera favors the pros who are obsessed with image and video quality; not those seeking simplicity in it. If you’re looking for a good vlogging camera that you tubers use, this one won’t disappoint.


First, is the exterior design which is-SLR-style mirror less. Unfortunately, it’s not environmentally sealed. Down to the battery LIFE (CIPA).When it comes to weight, it is very pocket friendly (412g). Furthermore, it happens to be very mobile, and the dimensions are 4.92 x 86 x 72. Additionally, it has an orientation sensor. This time, there is no variety of colors-only black.

When it comes to connectivity, not much variety is given. However, it has HDMI, USB port, a microphone and in built wireless drivers. The storage form is only in one format, which is a micro SD.

The most important feature, video taking, is fully packed. To begin with, it offers a range from 3840 x 2160 to 640 x 480. Furthermore, the formats are two: MPEG-4 and AVCHD.

And how is its photography? To begin with, is the sensor, imaging and the autofocus. First, the sensor has a maximum resolution of 4592 x 3448. The maximum pixels are indicated at 17, yet the effective ones are 16.0MPS. Notably, the sensor type is CMOS while the sensor size is 4/3rds. The camera has auto imaging that is boosted to 25600.

Unfortunately, it has no image stabilization and only produces images in RAW unprocessed formats, not the JEPG. Currently, it has an autofocus digital zoom and a continuous shooting, marked at 7.0 fps. On the positive end; it has a manual focus with around 49 points.

Moreover, the shutter sound takes around 60 seconds. The flash modes are: auto, on, offered eye, slow meters only and sync. However, the flash range is 0.30.

Lastly, is the fully articulated 3” LCD touch screen that has made navigation easy. Besides, it offers live view too. While the electronic viewfinder magnification stands at 1.4X, its resolution stands at 2,360,000.

  • High quality 4K shooting capability.
  • At, 16 megapixels goo image quality is assured.
  • Fully articulated 3”Touch screen enabled basic navigation.
  • In built wireless capability enhances easy uploading of videos to other devices.
  • High viewfinder coverage of 100%.
  • Offers Competitive pricing compared to the canon series which need a little more digging.
  • Offers the manual focus mode.
  • Lower megapixel count when compared to its competitors.
  • Lacks GPS tracker.
  • No Bluetooth support.
  • Image stabilization feature is absent.
  • Doesn’t offer the JEPG formats.
  • Doesn’t offer digital zoom.
  • Not environmentally sealed.

Just to sum up, the Panasonic Lumix-DMC G7 is a perfect match for photographers seeking a good vlogging camera that doesn’t have a very serious price. With the 4k and 1080p video recording capability, this is the vlogging camera that Youtubers use.

Vlogging Camera under $700

Canon G7X Mark II 

Canon G7X Mark II 

Probably you have been searching for a camera that can take high images and that can give you value for your money. Well, as you go through the video camera reviews, you are likely to come across Canon G7X Mark II. It has been praised for combining the features that you would yearn for in a camera.


The product is characterized with high speed and superior performance. This is because it has a 1.0 inch 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and a bright lens to allow you to capture any image of your liking. You will also take clear images in low light conditions. The design is smart enough for you to carry it while traveling. The DIGIC 7 image processor enables you to get auto focus tracking while at the same time guaranteeing of the type of sharpness that you desire in an image. The noise is also reduced significantly. The dual sensing IS will minimize the blur that you will experience when objects are shaken or when individuals move.

The front face camera has 4.2 ×, /1.8-f/2.8 optical lens that when combined with the camera’s sensors will give you a chance to have enhanced expression in your photography. The background defocus is achieved while your ability to show your artistic skills is enhanced. A multi-layer coating featured comes with benefits such as ultraviolet protection, high transmission element, and resistance to hard surface. The unwanted light is also suppressed so that you can get clear images.

As you go through the video camera reviews, you will realize that the product is hailed for featuring an intelligent IS. The movements made are analyzed automatically and corrections made to ensure that you end up with clear and steady images. It means that you do not have to carry with you the tripods during your photography. When taking still photos, the system will make choices from the normal, macro and panning IS to render the stabilization required in the process. The front face camera is characterized by a wireless connectivity. If you seek to share the videos and photos that you have created while in the field, the built-in Wi-Fi technology will come in handy for you. There is also the option of saving the images on the online album. It can connect to a range of android and iOS devices.

The camera has an in built near field communication that offers a chance to connect easily using one tap. You can also install camera connect app effortlessly so that you can share the images automatically. Further, choosing between different presets is made possible, thanks to the picture style function offered to you. You can decide to spice up the images with more color or contrast. You can adjust the various aspects of the image without using a computer since the camera has a RAW conversion feature.


Pocket Size. Quickest and easiest camera

  • Built in lens so its super fast
  • Great for low light
  • Nice image stabilization
  • Audio is good
  • Touch screen for quick navigation
  • Much solid build quality
  • NFC
  • Microphone on top to reduce wind noise”
  • Quite small
  • Can’t be creative
  • No time lapses or cool intros
  • No microphone jack
  • Screen flips up making it look weird
  • No interchangeable lens

Ultimately, this product will offer you the functionality and performance that you need to in a front face camera. It is affordable and can be shipped to your destination efficiently.

Vlogging Camera under $500

Canon S120 

Canon S120 

Canon S120 is conveniently small enough to fit in your pocket ready to capture clear amazing photos. It has a padding at the thumb rest allowing for a comfortable grip and handling while shooting making it extremely user-friendly. If you are going for an outdoor activity and you want to get an impressive image quality, the S120 should be your first pick as it gives effective 12 megapixels that will ensure crystal-clear images for a lasting memory.

Canon S120 has a compact body type measuring 2.3 by 3.8 by 1.1 and 7.7 ounces in weight, making it portable and easy to handle. It has a maximum resolution of 4000 x 3000 to make your shots worthwhile. This beautiful masterpiece has a built-in Wi-Fi which makes it a video camera for YouTube for you to post your photo moments anytime and share with your friends. It possesses CMOS Sensor and DIGIC6 Image Processor that ensures delivery of clear images with rich natural colors.

The S120 allows you to shoot at a speed of 80 to 12800 to surprisingly capture 1080p/60 HD videos that will give an admirably realistic feel. It further has a 3.0-inch touchscreen to provide easy navigation and a clear viewing while shooting and recording. It has a control ring conveniently placed at the bottom of the lens barrel, and you can use it with the touchscreen pad to get access to controls and actions.

The camera’s lens, at f/18, captures images even in low light with perfect clarity. It boasts a wide angle lens with a 5X optical zoom that offers a wide variety of shooting angles. The high performance of this camera can be attributed to the 12.1-megapixel sensitivity that delivers incredible images. It has a Dynamic high range for scene mode that allows a clear exposure of photos with just the right contrast.

With the wide aperture lens, this camera allows you to capture beautiful backgrounds for it gives you focus options and automatically adjusts with the environment to give professional portraits. Canon S120 amazingly gives you a continuous shooting moments for it’s powered by DIGIC 6 image processor. It allows you to achieve an instant focus when you aim the camera making your shooting experience exciting and fun.

  • It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi which allows sharing of videos and images in real time.
  • It has a touchscreen pad that allows for easy navigation and control.
  • It has 1080p/60p that lets you shoot a perfectly full HD video with superb clarity.
  • It has a 24mm wide angle lens to give you a wide angle for zooming and capturing images with ease.
  • It allows for continuous shooting to get the exact image with high speed
  • It has low battery lifespan
  • It has a small number of focus points
  • It is not able to properly seal the environment
  • It lacks an external flash shoe

The Canon S120 will give you a memorable shooting experience that will make you feel like a pro. With a 1080p/60p full HD image clarity, this camera gives you scenes that are splendid and outstanding. The S120 comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi that connects you with your friends and enables you to share your moments on social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube in real time.

Canon EOS Rebel T5I EF-S 18-55 IS STM KIT 

Canon EOS Rebel T5I

Whereas there are many cameras available on the online platform, you must take time to find the appropriate product. It must be functional, durable and affordable. One of such products is the Canon EOS Rebel T5I EF-S 18-55 IS STM KIT.


The vlogging camera features 18.0 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor which is ideal for enlargements and cropping parts of a composition. The clarity and tonal range is also guaranteed while the desirable 1.6x field of view is created. Further, the product has a 14-bit A/D conversion that allows you to capture and record images with unsurpassed grades. The tones and colors are subtle, which allows you to achieve a realistic image. You also have a chance to capture images with the real color of objects such as the sky and water because you can record a maximum of 16,384 colors.

Even further, the DIGIC 5 Image processor is designed to deliver the details in the images that you take. You will not need other external light sources while the ISO sensitivity is incredibly good. You could even take up to 5.0 fps shots continuously and utilize functions such as art filter and correction of lens. The device supercharges after you capture either the still or moving images. Moreover, it is characterized by an ISO 100-12800 and expandable to 256000 in H mode, which makes it possible to take shots in places that could not be taken previously without a flash. You should not also worry about the noise because the vlogging camera features technology that reduces it significantly.

More so, you can shoot up to 5.0 frames in a second because of the boosted shutter technique featured in the product. It is also made possible because of the remarkable mirror drive and camera sensor. You will hence have a memorable moment as you take shots that require such speed such as a bride walking down the aisle. The AF features allow you to have an accurate focus when taking shots in different angles. The hybrid CMOS AF system allows you to have a video in live view. You will also be thrilled by the comprehensive system of optics that ensures that you prowess in taking videos is not wasted. Besides, the EOS rebel T5i is compatible with the vlogging camera features.

To make it easier for you, you are offered other features such as the feature guide. For instance, you will get a feature guide so that you can get explanations on how to use the gadget. The descriptions are offered while you are shooting and when you are controlling screening features. This will take place automatically. Further, you are given correction tools so that you can adjust the lens to suit your needs and preferences. You can also rate the images as you organize the images on the device. It is also GPS compatible to help you as you record location.

  • The product has flexible lenses and takes incredible images
  • Offers you extra features such as a manual and correctional tool
  • It is easy to use and learn exposure when the vlogging camera is in live view mode
  • Big and customizable screen is offered
  • It is light
  • Incredible touch screen is featured
  • Only one color, black, is offered
  • It does not have image stabilization feature

Certainly, you will be getting a good deal by buying this product. You must, however, find the right vendor to ensure that you take home the genuine vlogging camera.

Vlogging Camera under $400

GoPro Hero 5 

GoPro Hero 5 

For camera lovers, GoPro Hero 5 is one of the best small cameras that come loaded with amazing features that will make your photo taking moments fun and intriguing. It comes with a voice control feature, making it extremely user-friendly and easy to control. With a GoPro Hero 5 camera, your holiday photos will never look dull for it offers an electronic image stabilization that allows you to take a stabilized video with clear audio.

Important features of GoPro Hero 5

This video camera comes with a touchscreen conveniently built on the back and can pass as a monitor to control video and photos while shooting. The camera has a one-button control that makes its operation super easy and convenient.

It is mounted with a head strap, and it has a built-in waterproof design allowing it to withstand up to 10 meters of water pressure with no need for extra waterproof housing or casing. As a result, it has made shooting easy and convenient with improved audio performance since the microphones are not encased.

The Hero 5 has a maximum video resolution of resolution 3840 x 2160 that gives you crystal clear videos and images. With a 12 megapixel camera, you are guaranteed of clear images even in a dull environment. With this camera, you do not have to worry about missing out on some details of your shots for it has a widescreen video capture to make your video capturing moments adventurous and fun.

GoPro Hero 5 has the latest USB-C ports (Quik Key USB-C) for charging and easy data transfer. It can safely auto-upload your videos and photos to your GoPro cloud account while charging. It has a MicroSD card perfectly slotted at the battery compartment, slightly at the bottom. The battery, with a capacity of 1,220mAh, means it charges fast, and it can take up to one and half hours before it dies.

TheHero 5 stands out with the GPS feature that allows for automatic location tracking giving your video and photos the right location tag. With voice control feature that has dramatically improved its audio performance, Hero 5 is one of the best action camera you can have.

  • It has an advanced video stabilization
  • While charging, the Hero 5 can upload your videos to the cloud
  • It has a 4K video resolution and a 12megapixel to give you stunningly clear photos
  • It has a voice feature control which you can give voice commands
  • It has a one-button control feature which makes its operation less complicated
  • Its battery life is short especially when GPS and Wi-Fi are on
  • The batteries for Hero 5 are not compatible with the other older batteries
  • Sometimes the touch screen can be unresponsive

GoPro Hero 5 is a worthy update of Hero 4. Its one-button feature has simplified its operations making it easy and convenient to handle. It has unbelievably good stability allowing you to capture amazingly good videos. The two- inch touch screen allows you to have easy navigation and the voice feature gives you the freedom to give voice commands as you wish. This camera is super small making it portable and easy to fit in your pocket ready for your shooting adventure.

Vlogging Camera under $300

Canon Powershot Elph 110 

Elph 110

The Canon Powershot Elph 110 can be described as an improvement of the S100. Some of the components- like the sensor, lens and image processor – are in all essence similar. So, how does the camera look like?


First and foremost, it uses the 12 MP 1/1.7 High Sensitivity CMOS sensor, a 24-120 mm equivalent lens which is capable of providing F2.0 aperture at wide-angle and the DIGIC 5 image processor. It also uses the ISO 80-12800, a touch sensitive 3” 460k dot pure color II G Screen. The S100 has built-in Wi-Fi that enables easy internet connectivity and sharing or uploading of material. Finally, the 3-stop Neutral Density filters and in addition, applies RAW format recording.

Compared with its competitors, the S110 competes fairly well since its 1/1.7 sensor is more expansive than the 1/2.3 version that many other compact camera devices use. However, it is significantly pale in comparison to the 1” sensor employed by the Sony RX100 which is almost thrice its size.

  • Compared to the Sony RX100, the S100 is much slimmer and pocket friendly, making it the ideal camera for travel blogging. This increases its safety and ease of use.
  • In comparison to the Sony RX 100, which is only slightly better in terms of its sensor and a few other features, the S100 is much more affordable. TheS100 costs up to $ 500 less when the two cameras are evaluated based on financial factors and a factory set costs as low as $ 125.00.
  • The S100 has the additional ability to macro focus at a wide range of focal length as compared to other compact cameras. For instance, the RX 100 lacks the capacity to macro focus beyond its maximum angle-setting.
  • With the new Wi-Fi feature, you can upload your pictures to various internet platforms using smart phones.
  • The 24mm feature makes traveling much easier compared to other compact areas.
  • For lovers of fashionable cosmetically approvable cameras, the S100 comes with a slim and stylish look that can accommodate a variety of modern fashion trends.
  • Unfortunately for photographers seeking top-notch clarity, the S110 has a slight green on the LCD screen.
  • In terms of picture quality, not much has been improved for the S100 despite changes in multiple camera features. The S95 version has been reported to have better graphics and color contrast as compared to the S 100.
  • The lens mechanism has been brought into question by several customers. Some customers have complained of premature lens unit failing after short periods of usage. Some lenses were reported to fail after just a month.

For the section of photographers in doubt because of these disadvantages, there are other cameras capable of high quality videos and images such as the Fujifilm XF 1, Canon Power shoot G15, Fujifilm X10 and Samsung EX2F. However, the S100 cannot be written off and is still a good choice for camera enthusiasts looking for an affordable high performance camera.

The S100’s new features, which give it unlimited macro focus, and the reductions in weight and size implemented on it make it a convenient camera that is much improved compared to the S100. Therefore, the S100 is a pretty impressive camera for its price and promises to be a good buy for users.

Canon PowerShot S110 

Canon PowerShot S110

The Canon PowerShot S110 is surprisingly compact enough to fit in your packet. This beautiful piece has a 12.1 high sensitive megapixel count that will enable you to shoot outstanding images during your exciting outdoor activities. If photography is your hobby, or you simply want to capture an incredible moment in your life, the PowerShot S110 has the right features to enable you to document your memorable moments successfully.

The advanced PowerShot S110 has a built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to wirelessly transfer your photos to social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Face-book. It connects well with IOS and Android devices and will enable you to upload videos and images using the Canon Camera Connect App. With a compatible printer, you can print your images on WI-FI and get hard copies of your work. You can directly send your images to multiple devices through WI-FI without necessarily using a mobile device.

Being one of the top 10 cameras, the Canon PowerShot S110 has 24mm wide-angle lens with a 5×Optical zoom that allows capturing of an image with exceptional brightness. The wide-angle length gives the user an easy way to capture a wide variety of images including tall buildings and beautiful landscapes. It is equipped with an f/2.0 aperture to allow you to capture portraits with more exquisite details and give it a subtle background.

The S110 has a 12.1 megapixel High – Sensitivity that effortlessly allows you to achieve beautiful images with excellent performance. It has perfect lighting to capture special features that create state-of-the-art images that will leave you filled with awe.

This camera is conveniently equipped with a DIGIC Image Processor that manages to power the processing speed to create ideal detailing without the need for extra lighting. The benefit of having a good processing speed is that; you will be able to do a continuous shooting and still maintain a full image. It also allows you to get an extensive HD experience for it has a 1080p full HD video.

You can be able to tag location to your images by adding GPS data to your PowerShot S110 using the inbuilt Wi-Fi. With GPS details on your images, your work stays organized with location details entirely in place. The camera has a touch screen that allows you to make use of controls and specify a particular function while shooting.

The powerful S110 boasts of optimal image stabilization and can capture crystal clear steady images. It is equipped with an intelligent IS that monitors and analyzes the camera activities and movements and applies a balancing situation to make you take a focused shot.

  • It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows transfer of images
  • It is equipped with 1920×1080p maximum video resolution to give a full HD experience
  • It can provide a raw shooting
  • It has a good processing speed that allows continuous shooting
  • It has a 24 mm wide-angle lens to enable you to capture a wide variety of images with ease.
  • It has just nine focus points
  • It has a low-resolution sensor of 12megapixel
  • It lacks an external flash shoe
  • Its battery lifespan tends to below capturing an average of 200 shots

Canon PowerShot S110 is a sleek portable camera that has an outstanding performance. The 12 megapixel CMOS sensor will give you crystal clear images and create a real-time illusion. It is easy to handle and helps you create beautiful images especially with the 24mm wide angle lens that allows you to capture incredible images at different angles.

Vlogging Camera under $200

YI K4 Action Camera 

YI K4 Action Camera 

Finding a cheap camera that is reliable and effective is always daunting for enthusiastic photographers. They often end up buying cheaper cameras with suboptimal features that often end up being mediocre. So, what about the YI K4 Action Camera? Is it worth the price, the hustle? Let’s find out!


Its image sensor pipeline of 32 megapixels coupled with 4K resolution enabled by the H.264 encoder is perhaps its most striking feature. Its lens, which has a F2.8 aperture, provides a 155 degrees range of coverage, which is quite wide. Notably, it can connect to a Wi-Fi network and has a download speed of about 30Mega bytes per second; this is enabled by the inbuilt Broadcom BCM43340. Moreover, it has a long lasting high-capacity battery, enabling the camera to be in constant use for two hours after a single charge. Its size, 64mm x 42 x mm x 30mm, enables it to easily fit in the pocket.

On buying it, the package contained the camera, an extra rechargeable camera and a USB cable. Additionally, it came with one year warranty which was a good reassurance of its quality. In the United States, it is found in almost all electronic shops and many retail other outlets. However, people living in other parts of the world have to buy it online on the YI website which is not really a bad deal, considering the company offers free delivery to their home states and also caters for shipping services.

  • It continuously captures motion images.
  • It is a statement of trend, its cover coming in different colors such as golden, black and yellow.
  • Its long battery life makes it an ideal camera for adventure and exploration of places that may lack electric supply.
  • Its pocket size makes it portable hence ideal when travelling.
  • It allows the application of filters to pictures due to its connectivity to Wi-Fi.
  • It has no provision for mounting on a stand
  • It is not waterproof; therefore, it has to be covered by a case.

For those fazed by these disadvantages, there are other cameras which produce high-resolution images and videos such as the SJCAM SJ8, Telephone Reason Explorer Dual and the Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini. However, they are quite expensive when compared to the YI 4K action camera, the price being up to four times higher for some brands

Many customers view this camera with ambivalence. Everyone seems happy about its affordability and its other attractive specifications. Some, however, feel that its inability to mount on a stand is a major shortcoming. Notably, the failure to add a waterproof case in the package and inability to support an external camera has sparked a lot of concerns among some customers. From my experience with this camera, however, I think it is a pretty good option for anyone looking for a cheap vlogging camera.

Its price is not only attractive but also the fact that it provides the same resolution as expensive cameras makes it an option worth considering. Little can be said about its durability at the moment but the provision of a relatively long warranty window can serve as an indicator of the confidence the manufactures have in this product. Evidently, for those enthusiastically looking for a reliable camera, Y1 K4 Action Camera might just be the answer.

Nikon CoolPix S7000 

Nikon CoolPix S7000

For lovers of photography, Nikon CoolPix S7000 offers a wide array of compelling features that make it one of the most popular low budget cameras on retail at the moment. The camera is specifically designed to capture images in motion, as it offers great optical detail through its 20x optical zoom. The technology employed in the design of this camera is an upgrade to other previous Nikon brands, making it a good vlogging camera.


The camera possesses an impressive 3 inch 460000 dot fixed LCD display which enables easy framing. It has a CMOS sensor with a F3 maximum aperture of 4-6.5 and by having a maximum resolution of 460 x 3546. The camera produces images and videos of incredible quality. The VR technology employed by the camera helps to minimize blur. It also has 18 scene modes that provide an optimal setting for shooting different scenes. Perhaps the most striking feature of this camera is its adaptability for the capture of quality videos.

The camera features a new time lapse video format making the creation of videos a simple touch away. The 16 Megapixels lens allows the videos to be of good quality. With a video format of MPEG-4, the camera not only produces High Definition visuals but also a striking stereo audio. The camera’s NIKKOR ED glass lens allows up to 40x dynamic fine zoom. The ultra-slim zoom has a target finding AF system that enables one to pinpoint intended objects accordingly. This feature enables the camera to capture fast moving objects, such as an athlete on the finish line, in great detail.

The camera has an ultra-compacted body with a weight of 165 grams. The dimensions of 99 x 60 x 27mm make it small enough to be easily carried in the pocket. Nikon CoolPix s7000 not only has a storage type of SD15DHC but also allows for addition of USB storage through the USB 2.0 port that has a transmission speed of 480mbit/sec. The camera has a battery life of 180 shots that is moderate compared to other Nikon Cameras, and by retailing at $260, this camera is pocket friendly to all middleclass photography enthusiasts.

  • It can connect to a Wi-Fi connection, making it easier to edit photos and videos using online filters.
  • It supports continuous shoot of 9.21 pixels allowing it to capture many images of the same object
  • It has a high optical zoom of 20x which enables it to capture images or videos that are relatively far in great detail.
  • It has a smartphone remote controller that enables it to take images when one is not close to the camera.
  • It has a time lapse recording press.
  • It does not have a GPS; hence it is not always possible to track the geographical location of the pictures and videos taken.
  • It lacks an external flash shoe
  • It does not have a provision for manual exposure
  • It lacks a manual focus system.
  • It does not have a provision for environment sealing

In conclusion, the Nikon Coolpix S7000 is a good vlogging camera which has features that make it possible to capture of videos and pictures is great detail. It has a great dynamic zoom, good sensor system and is portable making it a camera of choice for exploration and adventure. Its main flaw is its lack of A GPS system, although photographers who prefer to have manual control of their cameras may also find it short. Nevertheless, the Nikon Coolpix S7000 is evidently a camera of choice for those interested in photography.

Canon Power Shot ELPH 350 HS 

Canon Power Shot ELPH 350 HS 

Are you looking for the best camera for YouTube, and still the best camera for digital photography? The Canon Power shot ELPH 350 HS is the best, yet cheapest flip camera in town. In the UK and Australia, it’s also called the Lxus 275 HS.


First and foremost when discussing any camera, the MPS come in place. This time, this canon series offers 20MP – 1/2.3″ BSI-CMOS sensor; this is pretty good for such a cheap camera. Alongside the megapixels, it comes with an ISO of 80 – 3200. However, this doesn’t mean that the images produced aren’t of high quality. Regardless, it is good to note that images are only produced in JEPG and not RAW.

What about the processor? Digic 4+ is not so bad as compared to other cameras, is it? When it comes to the lenses, this camera absolutely does it all. Having a 25-300 mm F3.6-7.0 Zoom Lens, it certainly ranks as the best camera for YouTube. This is because it gives a clear image, is cheap and still will give a wide range of the presenter.

Additionally, Optical Image Stabilization is a pro feature because it offers the best experience of good shooting despite movements.

Finding a camera with a 3″ Fixed Type Screen is certainly tricky especially, among flip cameras. However, the Canon Power Shot easily overcomes this challenge. In addition, this camera has a 2.5 fps continuous shooting rate. This is relatively lower, but not very low. Certailnly, it can take better images than most cameras today.

The Canon Power Shot also has a video resolution of 1920 x 1080. Despite this being the lowest when compared to their big shots in the market, it offers you quality imaging assuming it’s the cheapest vlogging camera with flip screen. Nevertheless, it can still shoot HD 1080P videos.

When it comes to connectivity, it offers an inbuilt Wi-Fi capability with NFC, no headphone or microphone support and still no Bluetooth support. However, remote access to smartphones is available as a feature.

Finally, is the body; it comes in two colors as opposed to most cameras which come only in black. This time silver is also an option.

  • Taking wide view photographs: Are you tired of taking photos but failing to capture the whole scenery of interest? Well, now, we have you sorted. The Canon Power Shot ELPH 350 HS has a 25mm Wide Angle Lens. This type of lens allows more of the scene you want to capture to be included in the photograph. Now, you need not to move farther from the scene to photograph it. You just need to click it.
  • Better imaging: The first objective when it comes to photography is the quality of the image. This camera ensured that the image you take is pitched perfect, whether it’s a picture or a sulfide. Coming with it is a, 300mm Good Tele Lens, 12X Optical Zoom, 20.0MP – High Resolution Sensor and Face Detection Focusing that enables you get the best photo of yourself. Not only that but it also comes with an Image Stabilization tool that helps you take photos of objects even in motion.
  • Face detection focusing, though now common, is an addition to this beast already.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: The camera also enables you to share images as soon as you take them. No need to transfer to your laptop first, this camera ensures that you share your photos with your loved ones as soon as you get them.
  • Full LCD video recording: This canon series offers the best LCD recording. This ensures that it produces perfectly sharp images; as bright as possible. The camera also comes with a screen that’s perfectly flat, thin with a small footprint and consumes little electricity.
  • Light bodied and portability
  • Image stabilization.
  • Remote Smartphone control:
  • No touch screen
  • Has no articulating screen.
  • Lacks an external flash shoe.
  • No inbuilt view-finder.
  • Lower screen resolution as compared to the rest.
  • Lacks environmental sealing.
  • No manual focusing.
  • Slow continuous shooting.
  • No RAW shooting.
  • Low battery life

In conclusion, Canon Power Shot ELPH 350 HS is the best thing you can get for yourself or a loved one, especially if you love taking photos. And did mention the prices are competitive as well? Well, you should capture those special moments with the Canon Power Shot ELPH 350 HS, and live life beautifully.

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