6 Methods To Improve Your Old Vehicle With New Technology

It is possible that in the future, we would recall the times when we actually have to run our own vehicle. Today, self-driving cars are coming, and it is fast. Since 2009, Google has now logged around 2.2 million miles, testing complete self-driving cars on public highways.

The autonomous feature is simply one of the innovations that make a car more desirable. However, what if you are still not ready to buy a new one?

You do not have to feel left out. There are ways to upgrade your car without purchasing a brand-new one.

  • Hum

Hum by Verizon lets you link your vehicle to your mobile phone. You could summon help with a push of a button, decode engine lights, and set boundary and speed alerts. It is a simple way to have a smarter, safer, and more connected vehicle.

Here are some features included with the app:

  • Detailed reports – This would help you supervise your driving patterns and fuel usage to get additional distance out of your vehicle. Regular diagnostics would help avoid major problems to save you cash.
  • Push notifications – This alerts you if your vehicle surpasses a particular speed or drives beyond of your modified boundary area. You would always have an eye on the driver. Also, you could quickly locate your vehicle from the application to track the movements, or to just remember where you parked.
  • Mechanics Hotline – you would get advice from expert mechanics.
  • Vehicle diagnostics – This lets you identify little issues before they turn into big ones or decode engine lights.
  • Roadside Assistance – If the app detects a car crash, help could be automatically sent.
  • Dash Cam

A good dash cam is important for every driver in our society today. It performs as your witness that does not blink and is always at your side all the time.

Most dash cams are reliable and easy to use. Oftentimes, it includes a Wi-Fi, GPS, and driver warnings to help avoid accidents.

Here are some features included in a dash cam:

  • It captures the whole road with a wide-angle lens. It also includes GPS for detailed date and time as well as location information. This pinpoints exactly when and where events happened.
  • 32 GB memory card
  • Forward Collision Warning Alerts an approaching collision.
  • Lane Departure Warning System inspires safer driving.
  • Heated Seat

Oftentimes, newer cars come with a heated seat selection for those cold winter days. You do not have to spend money for a new vehicle to experience this one.

A heated seat cushion would keep you warm and nice. The velour that is super soft offers ultimate warmth and comfort.

You just need to plug the cord to the outlet of the car and you are good to enjoy the relaxing heat. It is portable and light, which makes it easy to transfer from one vehicle to another.

Here are some features included in a heated seat cushion:

  • Simple to swap/install through a clasp and strap system.
  • Gets power from the car’s 12 V DC or cigarette outlet through a power cord and adapter
  • 5 inches thick for lumbar support.
  • Off/Low/High temperature settings.
  • Optimum heating temp of around 114 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Parking Sensor

Few of the new cars come with built-in sensors and cameras to help you park and prevent crashing into other things. Currently, there’s a tool for your old vehicle to help you prevent those little scrapes and bumps.

The Parking Sensor is created to take the deduction out of parking your vehicle in constricted carports or garage spaces. It features ultrasonic, adjustable range-finding tech to precisely locate your vehicle within your wanted parking limitations. You could see the parking distance anywhere around 6 inches and 6 feet.

Here are some features included in a parking sensor:

  • Easy to install
  • Red, Yellow, Green light indicators
  • Easy Parking distance options
  • Wireless
  • Hands-free Bluetooth Car Kit

In all new cars, the capability of making hands-free phone calls is fairly much ordinary. It is a necessary safety feature that anyone must have.

Well, the good news is that you do not have to purchase a new vehicle to take benefit of this amazing feature. There is a lot of solar hands-free Bluetooth car kit that performs as a speakerphone with voice broadcast called name.

Here are the features included in a hands-free Bluetooth car kit:

  • Standby time: around 400 hours
  • Battery life: around 8 hours non-stop talking
  • Charge time: 18 hours (solar) or 3 hours (USB cable)
  • Could hold up around 1,000 contacts
  • Easy pairing and operation
  • Portable Wireless Camera System

This is a simple to use camera that performs as another set of eyes when you require it. The night vision camera lets you drive in total darkness.

Guest Blogging Plan: 7 Methods To Produce Huge Credibility And Traffic

Have you ever tried putting all of your efforts into making guests articles, but didn’t go so well? While you are looking at the analytics, you are also patiently waiting for the visitors to come. Few weeks after, you know that all your efforts have failed to achieve any traction.

The drawback with guest blogging is that it is not a magical tool for the growth of your blog. However, it does not really have to be that way. Here is some guest blogging strategy that you could use to make your blog stand out.

  • Be a Part of Websites that are not Waste of Your Time

The majority of articles you can contribute to are not worth your time since they do not have an involved audience. So, how can we find worthy blogs?

You need to examine every blog.  When you are considering if you should pitch them on a guest post idea, you must ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do the blog have a chance of driving traffic or are there a lot of interferences?

A lot of distractions might mean they will not bring as much traffic as a blog that has a very clean design. Few of these websites still are worth contributing for since they provide good social proof and they have an active audience.

  • Do they offer the writer credit and a link to his/her landing page or blog in an author bio?

You will put considerable amount of effort into making the content. That is why you must at least get an acknowledgment with a link connected to your website.

  • Do my target clients align with this blog?

You must have a target market that you want to reach. The contents you would make must speak to your target audience.

  • Do they frequently contribute their own blogs?

They possibly will not spend a lot of time sharing your contents if they do not have time sharing their own.

  • Do they reply to a comment?

This means that the owner of the blog cares about communicating with their customers. This also means that they are active.

  • Do they have an engaged audience?

The comment section is the best indicator. However, pay close attention to the quality. Do not be a part of a site with tons of spam comments.

Primarily, you might find that you must contribute to small blogs. This is because big blogs often ask for samples of posts you have written for other websites.

  • Use Guest Posts to Create your Email List

You must always link to a landing page in your author bio where audience could download your lead magnet. Or, use whatever is the most relevant if you have several lead magnets.

  • Before you Pitch, Connect First

Blog writers gain tons of pitches from individuals they do not know. Even if you have the best pitch in the whole universe, there is still no assurance that you would land that guest posting chance.

Well, a good pitch truly does help. However, would you not want to do anything you can to land that chance?

Here is the answer:

Individuals are far more possible to reply in a good way to people they know.

This can be as easy as:

  • Content Sharing (You need to tag the blogger)
  • Commenting on every blog post
  • Responding to emails
  • Responding to social media statuses.

These are simply the fundamentals. You will need to be creative if you are trying to bond with A-listers in your position.

Do not pitch them or ask them to do something. You simply just need to communicate with them.

One reason why bonding first is a great idea is because it obliges you to know the bloggers that you would pitch eventually.

You would acquire a deeper understanding of the sorts of subjects they post and how they make it.

So, you could utilize all of this understanding that you have created when you finally send them the pitch.

It would be far better when you finally make your pitch.

  • Respond to all comment

To many individuals, this has turn to nearly second nature already.

However, it is important because when a person has taken the time to write an expressive comment, it is only correct to reply thanks. It is much better if you add discussion and keep the conversation going.

You still should respond to comments even if you end up contributing to sites where owners does not reply to comments.

A good way to learn from your audience is through blog comments. You get to know them more if you gain their feedback.

  • Promote your Guest Post

Do not just let the blogger drive all the traffic to your blog, or share it on a social media once and think that is sufficient.

The truth is that it is not adequate to get the results you desire.

Yeah, the entire idea of guest blogs is to help you attain a lot more readers. However, your typical promotional efforts would have a far bigger impact when you contribute a post to a more famous site.

So, influence each promotional plan you could – your social media, email outreach, niche bookmarking sites, influence marketing, personal network, and much more.

  • Let the world know who could help

You need to ensure your guest post sends the correct message since it would show your author bio underneath it.

For instance, you will struggle to land new customers if you are attempting to get freelance writing customers and you do not mention it in your bio.

  • Do Guest Posting More

The fact is that even if you could thoroughly strategize every guest post you publish, some simply fails.

Perhaps the subject did not resonate with the readers of the blog. Or, maybe it was something else.

It is not the end of you; you could still make a good guest post that could unlock other chances. Just do not stop believing in yourself.

Ways 3D Printing Is Changing Our World

3D printing is one of the most trending things in the world of technology. Individuals have utilized it to make all sorts of things for medical needs, education, work, art, entertainment, and much more. We’re gradually coming to grips with the possibility that 3D printed things could deliver innovation across several industries. This includes weaponry, space, education, and manufacturing.

The truth is that 3D printing is possibly one of the more favorable technologies that can change the world we are living. Here are some ways 3D printing could or would change the world.

  • Replacements Available Every Single Day

Maybe the largest influence of 3D printing to our current society will be making replacements always available. Instead of going to a shop to get replacements or order for replacement parts that would take weeks to arrive at your house, by the use of 3D printing, you could simply print the part you want immediately. Also, you could print out the precise number of parts you want, instead of buying in bulk.

There are a lot of 3D printing sites that provide sections with designs to replacement parts for everyday objects. All you need is to know what you want to print.

  • Construction of Houses Are Cheaper

Wherever you are, prices of homes are constantly increasing. Young individuals are trying actively to lower the carbon footprint as much as they could. This includes building of their houses. 3D printing could essentially help make construction friendly to the environment. Items could be recycled for future use, you could lower transportation costs, and there will be 0 waste.

In China, there’s a company that is now taking benefit of the technology to construct cheap houses with recycled resources. Every day, they could build 10 houses that costs $5000 each. The potential of this is good for countries that are still developing. Homes could be created quick and cheap to help lessen the housing calamity caused by overpopulation.

  • Prosthetics Become Cheap

3D printers are now used to make cheap prosthetics where they are most needed – in areas that are torn by war. CEO of research firm called Not Impossible Labs, Mark Ebeling, has built a hospital in Sudan that has a 3D printer. The 3D printer creates prosthetics that are more affordable than conventional ones. With any luck, the idea to make customizable and cheap prosthetics that everyone could afford would become common and help change lives.

  • You Could get Parts Even in Outer space

Going to space takes a lot of preparation and fuel and whenever something goes bad, there might be restricted spare parts or equipment available. Of course, transporting stuff into space is every expensive and astronauts might need to wait for the next flight to get the parts they want.

However, With the available 3D printing, they could simply print out tools, parts, or other materials they need during an emergency. NASA has reported that they would transport a 3D printer for test purposes to the ISS (International Space Station) to see if this option could be viable.

  • You Could Print Food Instead of Ordering

Today, several printers could be utilized to print out foods from chocolate and candies to a pizza. This would be put to a good use. For example, astronauts in space could print food that they do not get to have. A company named 3D systems currently has a printer that could print candles and chocolates in complex and enticing shapes. Natural Machines in another company that is marketing Foodini, a printer that could print out ravioli and pizzas.

  • Helps Reduce Plastic Waste

Today, the majority of plastic used are not biodegradable and presents a threat to our world. But, these plastics could essentially be recycled into threads that is utilized in 3D printing. The truth is that the Ekocycle Cube is a printer that would only accept recycled, special plastics. It was made by 3D Systems together with Coca-Cola and will.i.am.

  • We Could Enjoy Fine Art

Did you know? Most sculptures and artworks preserved by the Smithsonian Institute aren’t shown to the world. Around 2 percent of the 136 million projects are being shown to everyone since they are really important historically. They are also too delicate to be shown constantly to the public. Museums could provide scans of the pieces with 3D printing.

  • Reprint Instead of Waiting for Organs

We could also build real life aside from creating art. 3D printers could also be utilized to build organs and tissues. Still, the technology is in its beginning though. However, you should be able to see its potential by now. The technology could save thousands of lives. This would help cut down the long waiting time that people have to suffer for matching organs.

4 Common User Experience Fails That Must Be Avoided In Mobile Design

In 2012, around 30 billion applications were downloaded by users. However, an average mobile owner uses only 15 applications per week. To make things worse, according to a research by Localytics, around 22% of applications are opened only once.

Why is the engagement so low with all the effort and money invested into mobile today? Well, the answer to this question is really complicated. However, a lot of common mistakes are made in the mobile design.

  • Forcing User to Register before Showing Value

You will immediately lose users when you force them to go through a registration process before you have even offered them any obvious benefit. For instance, Tumblr and Pheed, these are common social networking sites that let users to broadcast videos, photos, and other content to their followers and friends.

Tumblr shows immediately new trending topic you could interact with as a user that has not yet registered. On the other hand, Pheed demands you to register before you could see anything.

  • Tutorials that are Overly Detailed

In mobile applications, tutorials are pretty common. Oftentimes, you really need to guide a user along with a detailed explanation. However, almost every mobile tutorial overwhelms users with a lot of early information.

Basically, you are admitting that you have a failed user interface if you need a lot of labels to simplify the functionality of your application.

Your goal must be to make U.I. that are intuitive and clear for your target market and need minimum tutorial to navigate.

Another mistake that is commonly found in tutorials is that they focus on explaining the details of the user interface instead of communication the total value of the application. In several studies, potential clients usually miss those details since they flash through the tutorial. Most of them prefer to directly use the application.

  • Gesture Controls or Interface Elements that are Unusual

A major part of designing a spontaneous mobile user interface is understanding when to apply regular patterns of design to make it simpler for customers to get to know your application. For instance, pinching to zoom on photos and swiping between pages is entrenched in the habits of mobile users. In addition to that, iOS and Android both provide thorough human-interface guidelines that are accepted in most of their applications.

Sometimes, most developers “overdesign” the applications by disregarding standards and deciding to apply unacquainted gesture controls, flashy visual elements without purpose and context, and hidden or vanishing menus. Typically, most individuals find these unusual elements frustrating and confusing in testing.

Even applications that are crafted beautifully and win a lot of awards aren’t essentially usable for mass-market users. For instance, Clear is a to-do list application that gathered praise for replacing regular visual controls with simple physical gestures.

The Clear application has to utilize 6 interactive coaching and walkthrough screens to teach people how to use the application.

In studies conducted by researchers, smartphone users could not even remember more than 10% of the content tutorial, even if they were gadget enthusiasts. They often get lost and could not remember how to conduct regular functions such as creating a new list or deleting a task.

Stick to designs that people already know how to use if you want to reduce friction and maximize usability. Unless you’ve convincing reasons to do so, do not diverge from familiar patterns. Also, you must make sure that you test thoroughly any designs that are unusual.

  • Make Users Fill Out Long Mobile Forms

Your new client has downloaded your application and made it through its tutorial. Maybe, he or she even played around with several standard functionalities. It is now time to register.

You need to learn as much as possible about every user, that is why you ask for more several information pieces in the registry form than you really require. Not a big deal, right?

Well, you are wrong. Huge companies such as Best Buy and Expedia have lost tons of sales due to pointless form.

Generally, for each extra field you add to the form, your rate of completion would take a hit. In addition to that, people are far more distracted and time-pressed on mobile that they are on home and office PC.

7 Technology Trends In 2017 That Small Business Must Follow

Advanced technology aids small businesses in competing with huge companies. Now, businessmen utilize Social Media to highlight their work. Also, smart production equipment has changed tiny sweatshops into single-man production industries that could be managed via mobile applications. Small businesses cannot improve without the keen incorporation of the latest technology trends. That is why we have agreed to share several insights on several of the most valuable tech trends that would shape the marketplace in 2017.

  • Internet of Things Would Boost Manufacturing

The world has been revolutionized by the Internet of Things and it is making it more accurate. The application has caused in the improvement of interconnected smart home tech that regulates their work depending on the external factors. This is simply a portion of the significant change the concept would deliver.

The productive use of IoT would enhance the process of production in small businesses. Small business owners would make the production process more efficient and safer by having this technology. The IoT sensors measure the efficiency of production every day and adjust the work of the production equipment in real time. The full application of IoT would lower the costs of production and make the entire process more effective.

  • Augmented Reality Would Assist Contractors

You have likely heard about Pokemon GO. This is a famous mobile app that utilizes AR to locate monsters and coordinates their movements with the camera on your phone. However, how could this advanced concept enhance the daily production of small businesses?

AR is used already by furniture producers, contractors, and a lot of other professionals. It keeps businessmen and their clients on similar page. With the support of AR, clients could see how particular furniture pieces will fit into their home. Several applications enable them to create precise floor plans and change wall colors and bring them to contractors before they begin the job.

  • Virtual Reality would be the Best Way to Highlight your Offer

Currently, VR technology is reshaping the training simulations and gaming industry. However, it would also aid small businesses to show their offer in a more engaging and interesting way in the future. The VR would aid small businesses to amaze and engage possible buyers, while AR is used mainly for testing and measuring purposes.

  • Big Data Would Enhance Small Business Sales and Marketing

During the last several years, big data has been one of the most famous slogans. It utilizes advanced analytic equipment to analyze, structure, and draw conclusions from the information acquired from social networks, mobile phones, and other similar sources.

  • Advanced Concepts of Shipping Would Lower Costs of Delivery

To overcome geographic restrictions, the business model of eCommerce has assisted small businesses. Now, retail businesses online are formed by the reach of delivery network of the company. These networks would grow drastically in the next few years with the launch of two highly effective delivery models.

  • Mobile Applications Would Make Small Businesses More Accessible

Now, there is an application for everything and the improvement of mobile applications will not slow down in 2017. A growing number of mobile applications would reshape the market and let customers get anything on demand. Huge companies adapt quickly to these styles and almost all huge corporate entities have already their own mobile application. Small businesses would need to finance more money in this sort of accessibility if they like to compete with big companies.

  • Chatbots Would be Utilized for Customer Support

Lately, a lot of small businesses put live chat feature to their sites. Live chat, at the moment, shows one of the best stations for customer support and service. However, small business owners unfortunately are typically not able to answer the questions of customers every time.

Chatbot could be trained to answer the questions of customers and solve several popular problems.

It is never easy to start a business. First-time businessmen could get information easily about different market trends and business processes. Also, they could read experiences of other businessmen and unite with future partners. Knowledge base online gradually grow and business owners need to follow closely the current market and tech trends.

6 Things You Must Not Store On Your Work Pc

You can be setting up yourself for a few serious problems if you are storing personal stuff on your work computer.

Keep all your private computer use and work discretely. That is a general rule of thumb and almost every professional worker knows this rule. Ask what is allowable and use a USB flash drive if needed in storing any private stuff that you need to access from your work computer.

Your company you are working with might have rules about the proper use of a computer, even though laws vary from one state to another. It is better to stumble on the margin of caution when it comes down to it.

It is pretty obvious; doing this would protect your firm and you. Dedicate a laptop for work if you take your work at home and use a laptop.

Here are a few items you must avoid storing on your work computer or laptop:

  • Personal Videos or Photos

Most employees know this but your work computer or laptop is for work only. It is always a good idea to keep personal stuff discrete from work. Of course, the company is not paying you for your personal time.

That is why it is typically not a good idea to save personal photos, medical records, school transcripts of your kids, banking information, or password lists. It can send some wrong signal to your employer if he or she finds out about it.

Also, supervisors might be worried about you taking up some significant storage space and putting the computer or laptop at risk for malware and viruses.

Another thing, you would also lose all the information you stored in your work computer if you lose the job.

The general rule is that you have to immediately leave if you are ever fired from a company. This happens in most states. You possibly will not have enough time to delete or copy the files that should never have been stored on your work computer in the first place.

  • Inappropriate Things

Saving any nude personal images on the work computer is the only one thing that is worse than saving personal images on the work computer or laptop.

You need to ensure that the work computer or laptop stays free of any kind of stuff that is inappropriate.

This part may seem pretty clear. However, stories thrive over an employee being caught saving pornography on their work computer or laptop. Most employees are not aware of the fact the department of IT in their company knows everything about it.

  • Computer or Video Games

There is no great reason for almost every employee to have computer or video games stored on the work computer or laptop. That would simply send your employer a wrong message.

Also, in several cases, you can open up the computer or laptop for viruses or spyware.

  • Anything Associated to your Other Work

Do not ever store any side work information on your work computer or laptop. Make sure you only keep it in your personal gadget.

Clearly, you must prevent saving anything related to another work of your main work device if you are moonlighting and are worried about your boss finding out about it. There are some cases where employees send wrong attachment to their employers.

  • Anything Related to your Questionable Humor

It definitely is not a great idea to save it on your work device if a video or joke is too offensive to share in the workplace.

A lot of companies are worried about legal problems associated with office discrimination and sexual harassment. That is why any humor that may be believed offensive can land you on a dangerous path. In some cases, even simply storing offensive emails that include sexual or racial humor has been utilized to justify disciplinary action with a few employees.

  • Anything Believed Very Confidential by the Employer that you are not Storing in a Secure Manner

Of course, this one is pretty clear. However, there are still a lot of stories of even high-level individuals getting into a dangerous path or even losing their jobs simply because they were not careful with classified or confidential information. This applies to any level of organization, especially in a business one.

It begins harmlessly enough. At first, you are checking personal mails on a work computer. Eventually, the workstation you have would become a saving system for music, images, and personal things. You may begin paying bills online and save the confirmation pages to the work device for your records if you are in the office for a very long time.

Well, generally, several companies don’t mind this sort of stuff as long as you’re doing it on your free time – before work, lunch, breaks, etc. – and as long as the things you are saving does not harm the company you are working – viruses, malware, etc..

Just like anything else, the best way is to avoid it from happening. Buy a flash drive and bring it to work. Use the flash drive to do any personal business at work. This would give you all the comfort of being able to keep the data yours and at the same time save files while at work. Just make sure you save files that have not viruses and malwares that could harm the computer.

11 Huge Changes To The Internet From The Previous Decade

The internet has come a very long way. And apparently, it was very quick too. In 1989, 2 years after the creation of internet, around 41% of adults in the U.S. had used a PC. The 1st mobile phone with access to the internet was introduced in 1996. In 2013, round 55% of people living in the United States had smartphones with the capability to connect to the internet. Now, around 41% of the entire population of the world has access to the internet.

To stay beside the fast-paced fluctuations of the World Wide Web, Weebly, a web-hosting company used their own site to highlight how in just the previous decade, internet and web design has come a long way.

Reading through the lens of the website of Weebly, here are 11 changes we overlooked about the internet:

  • 2006: Internet Explorer and MySpace were the Best

The internet was an entirely different monster in 2006. According to Weebly, there was a bit of craving for complicated design in 2006. As what Weebly told The Next Web, MySpace still was a thing and their website was like a dorm room of a university.

In 2006, almost every web user accessed the internet via Internet Explorer. It was also in 2006 when Facebook spread outside educational institutes. 2006 was also the time Jack Dorsey posted his 1st tweet. With around 75 million users or more, MySpace was the leader of social media platforms.

  • 2007: Apples launched the iPhone, and the seed of smartphones is planted

The plan that sites must become mobile-friendly came into conclusion in 2007. This was with the launch of the first generation iPhone of Apple.

At the time, the phone of choice was Blackberry. According to Pew Research Center in 2007, there were around 35% of Americans saying that they will have a difficulty of giving up their Blackberry gadgets.

  • 2008: Considerations for Mobile-Friendly Internet Continue

The internet was available through iPhones and Android smartphones in 2008. Also, this was the time when owners of websites started to comprehend the value of turning their sites into mobile-friendly.

  • 2009: The Internet Becomes a Content of “at a glance”

In 2009, Weebly had an extreme makeover in their site.

According to the head of brand design at Weebly, Jenny Emick, a static website is not enough anymore and overfeeding individuals with visuals or information means that they will leave your website immediately. They have worked to show a digital space that’s engaging and inviting while being still easy and simple to navigate.

Also, 68% of residents in the United States relied on the internet for information on the recession, television media, and rivaling print in 2009. It was also this year when Twitter had its breakout, earning an estimate of around $1 billion. It was also this time when Facebook earned around 200 million or more new clients.

  • 2010: Images Begin to Join the Internet

A social media focused on sharing photos was introduced in 2010. Both Instagram and Pinterest were released. This activated the significance of online images. Also, internet users become attracted in applications, as 34% of residents in the United States had mobile phones that featured applications in 2010.

  • 2011: LTE enables Quicker Access

LTE started to take hold in 2011. This enabled quicker net speeds and provided developers the chance to add extra details to their sites.

Also, Google Plus was released in 2011. It was also in this year when LinkedIn hit around 99 million clients and the stock is given on the York Stock Exchange.

  • 2012: The Abundant Facebook Year

Even though there were only small changes between 2011 and 2012 according to Weebly, 2012 was Facebook’s year.

Facebook grasped 1 billion users and purchased Instagram in 2012. This showed that images are turning into a significant part of the internet. Also, the social media network debuted on NASDAQ.

  • 2013: It is official, Images take hold on the Web

According to The Next Web, full-bleed images began to become common in 2013. The website of Weebly drastically changed to match the trend. It now includes prominent photography and more visual elements.

According to Emick, it is a comparative term in web design to stay current. Also, it largely depends on the market for which you are designing.

  • 2014: We are Presented to the Immersive Experience

Weebly created their site immersive in 2014. Same goes to other sites. Immersive experience means one with graphics and transitions that tell layers and a story. Having it became normal.

It was also in 2014 when mobile phones accounted for around 24% of all usage of the internet. It was also the time when the shipments of tablets increased by around 53%

  • 2015: Interactive and Scrolling Sites Began Taking Over

Sites started to terminate the “above the fold” design and became truly interactive in 2015. For those who do not know, “above the fold” design is a design where essential content is all located in the upper section of the site so you do not have to scroll.

A lot of websites followed this trend. This made them much more immersive. This also forced users to scroll down actively to look for the content they want.

According to Emick, the design requires feeling new, but not out of touch and approachable to real individuals who would make a very significant choice based on a single visit.

  • 2016 – 2017: Where are we now?

Websites are now taking advantage of videos in the background. This became very famous in 2016 and still becoming more and more famous in 2017. Also, websites are now using typography and moving graphics on the homepage.

The trend in 2015 – scrolling websites and interactive formats also stayed into the 1st parts of 2016.

A lot of people now are using smartphones, which are almost capable of what a computer could do.

So, where does that leave us?

8 Security Issues App Makers Oversee And How To Prevent Them

Tons of mobile apps on the internet are downloaded by customers every single day. Similarly, tons of apps are uploaded on the app stores on a daily base. The severe mobile app use displays how we are deeply involved in the “connected” life than before. Aside from smartphones invading our households, they are also invading the corporate section with equal power.

The 1st individuals to interact with mobile apps are developers. Thus, it could help users avoid security issues if developers are hands-on from the first stages of development. Below are some security issues and few hints and tips to make apps more secure.

  • Vulnerable Storage of Data

It is pretty obvious that hackers would attack first the data storage of a smartphone via an infected app. Thus, parting this significant aspect unattended. In other words, an unprotected app will be an offer for a hacker to hack your device.

The Starbucks’ application data breach incident last 2014 is the famous example here. A hacker hacked the device through an application and took the data that was left unsecured.

Developers must either use encryption or move the storage option to a protected cloud network to avoid this kind of breaches.

  • Little or No Encryption

Developers appear to be a little unworried when it comes to using high-level protection for the applications. Well, customers save tons of sensitive data on their mobile phones. This data isn’t only simpler to crack but also very reachable. It isn’t only the information endangered by abuses, also the communication mode that chat apps provide. According to a research in 2016, only several chat apps use high-quality encryption. The rest either use weak encryption or do not use any of it.

Developers must perform a complete encryption analysis while developing an app and make sure they protect all the loopholes of security in their construction.

  • Delayed Log-out Sessions

a log-out session that is not complete is prone to entice security exploits that could result in data theft and other kinds of cyberattack. A log-out session that is not complete usually happens when an account was logged-out from the account of the user but stays active on the server.

These kinds of security issues could be fixed by correcting the errors that cause log-out session delays.

  • Reverse Engineering

One of the most popular but effective methods to hack an app is reverse engineering. Via reverse engineering, a hacker could undo your app code by code and reverse engineer it as pays their needs. Finally, he or she will use the altered version of the application to hack into real version used on other smartphones. They only way a developer could surmount this security problem is by creating the app in an environment that is very secured. The developer must also maintain the access to a least.

  • Unprotected Points of Entry

Several apps are created in a manner that a developer has to let information inputs from external sources. Hackers use this chance to inject malicious SQL code into the application. Attackers could easily evade it because of the deficiency of a secure process of authentication. One example of this issue is the iPhone 1 operating system bug that enabled attackers to tap the conversation of the clients. Developers must make a system of validation to make sure that there’s no unauthorized entry into the application.

  • Delayed Security Patches

Developing an application and releasing it into the app store does not mean the maker’s job is complete. On the opposite side, the real creation begins after the application has released. Developers get to meet the vulnerabilities of security and other types of bugs that are harmful to the experience of a user.

Nevertheless, attackers are turning more efficient in looking for security loopholes and abusing them. Developers must perform regular analysis of their application and accordingly launch security patches to make the job of a hacker complicated.

  • Vulnerability of the Data Cache

The old idea of speeding up processes is caching, be it on an app or a PC. But, the cached data in mobile phones is typically stored for a long time when it comes to mobile apps. The device or the app becomes more susceptible to breaches in the security due to the extended caching. One great way a data caching susceptibility problem could be corrected is by designing the cache in a way that the data is deleted or removed from each device reboot.

  • Weak Cryptography

Usually, it’s observed that a developer goes for the MD5 and SHA1 encryption algorithm that is really not effective when it comes to cutting-edge security requirement. It gets simpler for hackers to hack into apps with weak encryption. Developers must implement top-level encryption algorithms, such as SHA-256 or AES-256, when developing their application.

How Do You Become A Social Media Rockstar? 5 Surefire Ways How

In today’s era, you basically would be missing out on a lot of stuff if your business would not have a strong, noticeable presence on Social Media. Advertising on it is a relatively new concept, but businesses nowadays have been joining the bandwagon. As a matter of fact, they have been competing in the online realm, with this being an entirely new form of marketing and opening a new way through which brands are able to compete against each other. Given the modern-day importance of becoming a Social Media Rockstar, how exactly do you become one? Below are some of the ways on how you can be.

Know who your audience is

A strong presence on social media is essentially about gaining the approval of people., and this includes knowing the right way to approach and communicate them. Always adjust your content to the things that are in line with the interests of people. In order for you to know what these interests are, make it a point to know and understand your target audience. You could do this through engaging with them, and giving them avenues to contact. It’s not always going to be about popular opinion, your fans are a special niche, and your posts and the ways you interact should always be something to please them.

Come up with creative content

Content is basically everywhere on social media. In order for you to be a Social Media Rockstar however, you have to make it a point to not just come up with content on a regular basis, but also have content that’s crafted brilliantly. This is easier said than done, but the efforts would always be rewarding. Most of the time, great content is a combination of wit, humor, and other catchy things that are in line with today’s trends, yet still suit the interest of your target audience. In a nutshell, you would need engaging content, catchy images, great perspective on things, as well as consistent blogs.

Work with other sites

No man is an island, as they say. In order for you to become a Social Media Rockstar, you would have to collaborate with your fellow rock stars! Make it a point to collaborate with other personalities in the same field. In this way, you are able to solicit more ideas from other pre-existing ideas. This would also help to maximize both effort and time. You are able to get more people to view your site, and same goes for other pages whom you would choose to collaborate with.

Practice makes Perfect!

While a lot of us want to get things right the first time around, the reality is that you can’t be expected to generate content that would resonate among your target audience from the get-go. Don’t worry, however, as you have several chances throughout a week’s period, and doing the steps mentioned above would get you a great, solid following in absolutely no-time!

Love what you do

It is passion that fuels one’s persistence and desire to excel in their field. With that said, a lot of people end up giving up and doing other tasks simply because they do not find themselves happy with what they’re doing. When it comes to doing a business, you ought to make use of something which you truly love, and not just what you’re forced to do. While the latter, paired with good business and entrepreneurship skills would work out for a while, you may end up not taking the extra mile and remain stagnant with things.


As with all other celebrities and popular online pages, all of them began as someone or something which is unfamiliar. No one really becomes a Social Media Rockstar overnight, given the normal circumstances.  You would have to be extremely hardworking and patient, as well as be extra careful with your next move. It is with hard work, establishing good ties with other businesses, and always keeping in touch and learning from your target audience that you become a social media rockstar.

8 Best Gadgets For Overall Good Health

As the years roll, one of the undeniable benefits of advancements in modern technology is that it has allowed life to be much more convenient and easy. With that said, modern technology has indeed, paved the way towards a lot of common tasks to be done in a manner which is automated and time efficient. From conventional paper and pen, as well as physical movements, the world has been introduced to gadgets which have helped make these processes automated, and thus faster easier, and time-efficient.

One of the negative attributes with this advancement in technology however is that these gadgets may have caused people to be much lazier and impatient. This laziness has caused people to be more sedentary, wanting to just rely on gadgets to do things instead of physical labor. As the years go by, however, technology and a more active and healthy lifestyle have been slowly reconciled, and this is through the use of gadgets that help to promote good health.

With all of this in mind, what are some of the smart devices you could rely on for better health and fitness? We have some key recommendations for you.

Vessyl Cup

It’s common knowledge that a person’s health is not just determined by what he or she eats, but what they drink as well. With that said, there is a fitness gadget that enables you to know what you’re drinking. The Vessyl Cup is a smart mug which identifies the nutritional facts of the drinks you place inside them, such as the amount of calories, fat, caffeine, protein, all without your help.

In a nutshell, all you need to do to use this device properly is to fill the cup up, and then sync the cup to your smart phone with the app to get the necessary readings. This comes in handy when you do calorie counting, as well as monitoring the amount of added sugar.


No matter how much we may deny, but the reality is that you can’t be able to achieve good health without sufficient, regular exercise. With that said, the Tao is a gadget that would effectively serve as your exercise partner as it tracks your fitness progress. It does so by allowing you to find a perfect workout time, whether or not you’re at home or at the gym.

Apart from exercises, it also effectively monitors meals that you have taken in to make sure that your exercise is not put to vain. It also helps to ensure that you are burning the target amount of calories, as well as making sure that your heart rate is kept healthy.

Cube Sensors

Apart from proper diet and exercise, one of the aspects to health that you have to keep in check is the air that you breathe. This is because polluted air has been found to be the cause for various respiratory ailments. One of the gadgets which enable you to assess the quality of the air in your immediate surroundings is the CubeSensors, which helps you identify the light, air quality, temperature, humidity, shake, as well as the noise and pressure.

This gadget enables you to breathe easy by informing you of the conditions of the air in your surroundings, as well as to take action if found to be unhealthy.


Oral health is also something that’s worth taking notice of. With that said, the Kolibree is the world’s first toothbrush that’s electrically connected. It allows you to know how good you are with your brushing habits by checking how often you brush your teeth on a daily basis. You also are given tips and advise on how to keep your oral health in check, and even determines your missing teeth. To get stubborn kids to brush their teeth, it even has a unique game feature.

Skulpt Aim

If you’re concerned about your muscle mass as well as your body fat, the Skulpt Aim is one of the best ones that could be recommended. This is simply because good health is also characterized in terms of being able to possess the right amount of muscle and fat, which would, consequentially allow you to have a better knowledge on how fit you actually are.

This is an app which is insanely easy to use, and allows you to adjust either your diet or your exercise routine to build muscle mass and to keep your fat levels as healthy as possible.


Good Health is most commonly associated with good food, but what exactly makes good food “good”? TellSpec helps to effectively answer this question. This is a biotechnological app which enables you to determine facts about the ingredients of the meal, and send this information to the smartphone. If you have food allergies, or if you want to know what exactly is in the food you eat, this is the best one for you.


A symptom that usually arises whenever people are not feeling well include fever., which is the relatively heightened temperature of a person. This app facilitates the obtaining of temperature, especially for your kids. The device, when paired with the app allows you to compare the rise and fall of temperature every now and then, as well as an app that enables you to make them feel better somehow, as well as to pass on the information you have received to your physician.


While good health has always been associated with doing certain activities. One of the ways in order for you to make sure that your health is kept in check, however, is to make sure that you are in the best conditions whenever you sleep. This is exactly what the Beddit device does. While you sleep, it monitors your heart rate, movements, breathing, snoring, sleep patterns and the over-all sleeping environment.

The device is capable of transferring data to a mobile device, which is capable of giving you tips for coaching with regards to how to make the most out of your sleep, thus keeping you well-rested, and consequentially, healthier.